Friday, October 10, 2014

Whats going on in the Donaldson house these days.

Well, first, a lot is going on INSIDE the house. We tend to hang out more at home. While I make it a point to get out of the house at least once a day, we are actually really enjoying settling in and playing with the 1001 toys we've accumulated. Ford has developed a- dare I say it- attention span and can entertain himself playing cars around his Ikea road mat, car ramp, and the coffee table for a good half an hour at one go. Magical. Both magical for the time that I then get to feed Archie and the beauty of watching him really playing 'pretend'. What other word can you use to accurately describe a little boy coming up with names for cars, making all the engine sounds, discussing color and make (although I certainly don't remember knowing the difference between a Porsche, Ferrari, and Lambourghini when I was little. Thanks Singapore/Brad!), and coming up with games and different jumps. Watching him turns every part of my heart to mush. Most often we alternate playing cars with playing Playdoh, blowing bubbles (real ones, although he's learned the spit ones too. pleasant!), reading 'Gone Fishing' from Uncle Beck and Red Hat Blue Hat (I have to admit I did NOT understand that book until now, Ford thinks it is absolutely hysterical and now I can't stop laughing when we read it either), and watching music videos, Adventures of Winnie the Pooh (the original), Cars 2 (Lord help me), The Incredibles and A Bugs Life. On the music front, we are still on the Katy Perry and Kesha and have added the song Party Rock, Taylor Swift's Shake It Off, and All About That Bass. His music taste is diverse and well rounded  as he also likes a few toddler songs too- namely Wheels on the Bus, 5 Little Monkeys, and Row Row Row Your Boat. He talks SO much, dances, demands me to dance, and remembers everything you say and will remind you of it. He likes to finish his dinner in the bath, "chase you!' around the house, and take a bath in Archie's left over sink water. He has at least 2 melt downs a day, adores (absolutely ADORES) his daddy, will tell the cab driver (or me) to "Turn left on Oxley Rise" as we near the street, and likes to steamroll his brother when he's playing in his baby playgym.  We build forts under pillows and tables, take walks, have playdates with his best friends Conner and Anne, and alternate visiting malls with playgrounds. Mel takes him to 'Jiggle Wigs' class on Wednesday mornings for an hour, and the hour leading up to it we do the Jiggle-Jiggle-Jiggle-WIG (I made that up- catchy eh?) dance in excited anticipation. He tells me when I'm halfway through to "Feed Archie other side" and exclaims "Done pumping!" when the occasion calls for it. I usually have changed 7 diapers before 11am (yes, I count) and likelihood I've teared up twice by then is also quite good (One time out of a feeling of frustration and once out of pure love for my boys). People aren't exaggerating when they say being a mom is a rapid succession of highs and lows that can alternate in five minute intervals. But, also like other people have said, I wouldn't change it for the second. When we were coming home from the hospital with Archie almost 3 months ago, Brad looked at me and said "We are really a family now." Nothing could be more true and become even truer every day.

Archie is almost 3 months and an absolute delight. He smiles and coos and gives me a 4-5 hour stretch of sleep at night.  I try not to compare the two, but Archie you really beat your brother in the newborn sleeping department, and I thank you for that from the bottom of my heart. If my unofficial estimates are accurate he is almost 13 lbs, and he has some good leg rolls to clean around.  In the last week or so, he has started really watching Ford has he does circles around him in his bouncy chair and even has laughed at him a few times. He takes naps in the stroller and in his swing with Ford singing screaming him lullabies in the background. He is just the sweetest and I can't believe how quickly he is, as Brad and I so nicely put it, turning into a real human :)

Brad is great and has turned into Super Dad with the arrival of Archie. He and Ford have become best of buds and cannot be separated during morning, evenings and weekends. The go on play cars, bike rides, watch 'fast car' YouTube videos, play basketball, and watch football.  At first I will admit I got my feelings a little bit hurt, but now I just love watching them together and also appreciate the 1:1 time with Archie Boy. Archie also is a big fan and always turns his head immediately when he hears his voice. Brad recently did his first official photography shoot for a friend here that started a children's clothing line. As to be expected the pics turned out amazing.  I'll post a link once the site is updated with his pics. He's still enjoying his job out here but we are also gearing up for what is next. Right now it's just a wait and see period until the right role opens up. Our hope is we are home in the US by Spring of this coming year. I don't know if it's a strange thing to say, but I am really proud of him. Watching him become a great dad and then see him continue to want to be a better dad and husband while balancing work and other interests and friends is just, well, pretty awesome.

On my own front, I feel like I'm about to enter the land of the living again. Not so much because of sleep deprivation but more just lack of social interaction due to scheduling issues. Ha, doesn't that sound official when what I really mean is, I can't flipping figure out how to get Ford dressed, ready and well behaved at the same time that Archie is fed and changed, and with enough leeway time between feeds to actually have time to walk/drive somewhere and do an activity.  It really doesn't sound that hard when I write it, but dang. I know all mom's experience this, but yet it's shocking when it happens to you. I'm also enjoying going out a bit more sans chillens but looking forward to Archie Boy getting on a bit more of a schedule so that can happen a bit easier.  The scheduling difficulty is also attributed to Archie still cluster feeding at night which makes my 'stock' of milk run dangerously low if I'm out during that time. I am so lucky to have such amazing and flexible and laid back friends here that I can 'plan' things at a moment's notice too. I don't know what I would do without them. Note to self- never have a baby without having great friends nearby!

Ok, this is a lot of rambling and sounds kind of like a bad Christmas card, but oh well! I am going to forgo editing it in favor of getting in an episode of the West Wing. I love you 1998 Rob Lowe. Here are quite a few random pics from the past three months- but they do sum up this crazy fun new life pretty well!

Passport pic! Eyes open, straight on, both ears showing. I thought about posting the 76 outtakes but spared you.

Nana Jo teaching Ford about sugar packets? Grandmothers.

One of Archie's first baths.

Classic mom in nursing tank and headband post baby bath pic.

He's like a real kid now.

Snoozing with Nana Jo.

Real life :)

Donut cake for this 2 year old!

I made this. No I didn't.

Our fabulous Singapore friends!

Ford being the caring big brother that he is, thought Archie needed this shopping bag for our trip out.

We went to Sydney and it really was as glorious as this picture looks.

He wanted 'no help' with all these stairs. About gave me a heart attack but he did it.

Stacking specimens on top of the magnifying glass. They say kids learn in different ways through self directed play. Okey doke.

Napping with a sloth.

Brad's prawns came with their bodies and heads still attached. He wasn't thrilled. You would think he would have learned by now after 3 years in Asia. Sorry Brad, but it's true.

Manly was beautiful even with a few sprinkles. Such a great day just walking the beach, eating fish and chips and drinking amazing coffees along the way.

In the words of Katy Perry, "This is how we do."

And this is how we do too.

FSU tailgate. Same same but different.

Ford rocking the Cars shirt that his Nana Jo gave him that I swore would never leave the house and the Chucks that he grew out of in approximately one day.

Naturally they usually want to be carried at the same time.

Bathing in Archie's dirty bathwater is a super fun activity.

So is riding his friend's borrowed bike naked.

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  1. ahhhh it's before 11a and now i'm tearing up with happiness for you. amazing. get back to the us soon please. these boys need their crazy aunt kerri :) xoxo