Thursday, July 3, 2014

Ford is 22(+) Months and I am almost 37 Weeks Preggo

Well hello.

Sorry about the radio silence.  Again.

I will get better at this at some point. Or maybe I won't. But in the meantime, I'll give you an update on life at the Donaldson household.

This past month I was officially grounded from traveling, and this month I have started to ground myself from long walks in the heat. I am large and unbelievably to me, continue to get larger. As my family so nicely pointed out on FaceTime yesterday, my belly is super high and super pointy.  I've gained about 25 lbs so far this pregnancy, which is actually a bit less than with Ford. I attribute that to actually paying less attention to food (shocking), less McDonalds and more unintentional exercise and lifting. Thanks Ford!

Today's doctor appointment started my every week doctor routine, which I am excited about because that just means we're that much closer to baby! Baby D is measuring about 3kgs or 6 lb, 9 oz right now. That's like a real baby! He or she is a couple ounces bigger than Ford was at this point, and he was born 6 days early at 7 lb, 3 oz. I can't wait for Baby D to get here, but I am also relishing my moments with Ford. I understand that sense of guilt mom's say they get right before having Baby #2 at the thought of dividing attention, but I also feel strongly that there is no greater gift I can give to Ford than a brother or sister.

Speaking of Ford. God I love him. He is way too cute and way too much fun to just watch. He dances, he sings, he looks straight into my eyes when he talks, and he melts my heart. He is doing so much on his own and understands and reasons way more than I ever gave children of this age credit for in the past. It is truly a miracle to watch him grow. Here go my bullets!:

- Marching
- Driving Lightning McQueen and his big Fisher Price car around the condo and the condo building
- Playing with his Hot Wheels on the new Ikea street rug we picked up this month
- Going up to the Clubhouse in the building to ask for cookies
- Atempting to put a diaper on his baby doll
- Covering his eyes when things are on tv he doesn't like (monsters, The Map from Dora (???))
- Trying to feed Muxi his snacks and put mosquito repellent on her
- Wheels on the Buss
- Dancing when he eats something he likes :)

- Some favorite words and phrases:

  • "No like it!"
  • "Ello!" (Hello with a bit of a British accent?)
  • "Under the bridge"
  • "Muxi! Let inside"
  • "Mama, smoke! No 'squitos! Close windows!"
  • "Paci for Elmo" (tricky way of getting his paci out of the crib. Acts like he will give it to Elmo, but of course he keeps it for himself.)
  • "Mama/Daddy work!" If I leave/put real clothes on/carry a real purse, he thinks I'm going to work too. 
  • "Almost home" When we turn on the hill near our condo. 
  • "Seatbelt!" Reminds me when I get in the car and also reminds me to put his 'seatbelt' on when in his highchair.
  • "One, two, three GOOO!"
  • "Ice, ice baby. Duh duh duh duduh duh duh"

Ford:  "Mama, Mama!"
Me: "Yes? What would you like?"
Potential answers:

  • "Be Happy and chocolate"
  • "Eggs!"
  • "Katy Perry Dark Horse"
  • "Katy Perry Roooar"
  • "More mango!"
  • "Watch Dora" (Alice in Wonderland or Perrito's Surprise or Verde the Truck episodes)
  • "More cars"
  • "Chase you!"

Talking is definitely the highlight of this age. Brad and I constantly look at each other and say, "My God, he's a real human now!" :)

Otherwise, we have been battling a flu (me) and, starting the day after that ended, colds throughout the house for the past 2+ weeks. It's been a bit challenging as these sicknesses have stuck around for way longer than I thought was possible and resulted in very little sleep, and I am ready for us all to be healthy again... At least before the baby gets here! I rarely get sick (or used to). As my mom would say growing up, "We are not a sick house!" I don't know what has happened in my own household (one too many play gyms?!), but I keep repeating this over and over, hoping it will cure us.

I have to figure out where Brad has hidden the pics on our computer, and then I will post some! As you will see, Ford also got his first 'big boy' haircut this month. I was devastated for a few minutes but it grew on me quickly. I love seeing more of his eyes and funny expressions!

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