Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Ford is 21 Months!

And it's his Golden Birthday in terms of months. 21 months on the 21st. I'm pretty proud that I noticed that ;)

Ford is THE cutest, funniest, craziest little boy I've ever met. And I can say that because I'm his mom. He is constant entertainment and a never-ending bundle of energy. He is clever and is chatting up a storm and making his needs and wants very well known. There's no more pretending like I don't know that he's pointing at the chocolate cupcakes on the counter when he simply says, "Momma! Chocolate cupcake pleeeeeeeeease!" I'm having a harder time than I expected not being a pushover. I'm just so in awe of him and all his new 'tricks', I feel like he SHOULD have the chocolate cupcake if he can ask for it so well :) At least I'm cognizent of it, right? That's the first step. And now I can work on it.

Bullets help me to be less wordy (ha!), so here the rest of the update bullet form...

  • LOVES the song Pharrell song, Happy. The youtube video currently has 250,426,340 views. I think we are 340 of that. In the last week. This week I've started to segway Happy into Don't Worry,  Be Happy so as to diversify a bit, and with great success. Now anytime I say "Don't Worry", he replies (in the cutest voice imagineable) "Be happy". Melt.
  • He tells his cars, cars in the parking lot, and occasionally me to 'Back up' when too close. I get it, you need some personal space now and then ;)
  • Cars, cars, cars. He's become a fine collector of Hot Wheels. Loves to make noises, race them off ledges and over 'bump!'s, line them up, put them in his bucket... all those boy things. 
  • The other day he was shooting baskets in the tub (tub toy). He was missing most of course, but each time he missed he would yell 'Almost!'. Good attitude Bubba
  • LOVES pickles. Cannot get enough. He likes the whole pickles, spear pickles,  slices of pickles. Yesterday though, I gave him a whole pickle and he handed it back to me with the most serious look on his face and said "Cut it." Sure thing, child.
  • We've started allowing his pacis only in bed. The result is that he will go into his room throughout the day, climb on the mattress from the outside of the crib, and say "Night night". I put him in, he grabs all three pacis, and lays down. This game lasts at least 90 seconds. After a real nap, he tries to sneak them out. When I tell him no, he'll grab it out of his mouth and heave it down in the most dramatic fashion, then say "Play cars".
  • Just to put it out there, he also still drinks milk from a bottle a couple times a day, sleeps in a crib, and is not potty trained. This is my confessional. Don't judge.
  • We love play gyms. We go to one probably every other day. There are only about 20 to choose from here. And they are airconditioned. I can't NOT go. Anyway. His new thing is running around them, arms flailing, with drunken sidesteps, very closely resembling Phoebe in that friends episode with Rachel is embarrassed to go running with her in Central Park. Just loving life.
  • Fake crying. I think this is fairly standard but it happens a lot these days.
  • Building forts and covering them with a blanket and making me crawl in them. 
  • Playing hide and seek, and always hiding behind the curtain in the playroom. Squeeling with delight when he is found every time :)
  • You probably already got a hint of this, but he is naming EVERYTHING very ENTHUSIASTICALLY… walking into the garage (daddy taxi! drive! seat! momma seat!), driving anywhere (bus! taxi! bike! green go!), pulling into a mall parking garage (mall! out!) pulling into the driveway of our condo building (home! car out!), opening the refrigerator (ketchup! pickles! orange! eggs! juice! pasta! cookies! milk! turkey!), seeing food prep (cook! dinner! up!), anytime we are outside (TAXI! CAR! plane up-up-up! bird! doggy! drink! snack!). I think you more than get the idea.
  • He LOVES all of my friends… especially mom friends. He runs and hugs their legs and drags them to play, while their own children look on with bewilderment and sometimes jealousy. I try not to let my feelings get hurt ;)
  • Loving/beating up his friends. One minute he's doling out hugs, kisses and hand-holds left and right. The next minute he is stealing toys, yelling 'close!' so as not to allow another kid in his playhouse, stealing toys, or the worst, pushing his friend Connor down the steps.
  • Covering his mouth and throwing his head back when he laughs.
  • I mentioned him being clever. Example: He wanted a toy phone my friend Mette was holding and hid behind her after the two kids were fighting over it. Ford went over to her, said "Hug!", gave her the hug and strategically grabbed the phone as he pulled away. It is possible to be too smart for your own good.
  • Likes to take his baby doll in the stroller, feed him a bottle, and throw him off the table
  • Speaking of tables, the other day I was on the computer while he was playing. Suddenly I heard his voice from what seemed to be an incongruent height with the floor. I look up and he is standing in the middle of the dining room table eating leftover mangoes from his previous snack. I mean.
Annnnd he's awake. Did I mention his one nap a day has gone from 2+ hours to barely 1? Oy! To summarize, a happy handful at 21 months! Love you my boy!

Brownie before dinner? Don't mind if we do.


Ford and Connor pooling and snacking

Did you know you need a visa prearranged for Vietnam? Trip FAIL. That's all I'm saying about that.

But it was pretty fun to play with trucks instead.

Chili's looks the same no matter what country you're in :)

Not so much a Ford update, but here's bun #2 relaxing away in there. 9 weeks left until Ford meets his brother or sister :)

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  1. What a big kid he is now. So talkative and curious. I am so happy he likes to play on his own and can entertain himself - the key to transitioning in to having a sibling int he picture soon. Can't wait til August 19th to see you all again soon. Enjoy the next 9 weeks of one child bliss!