Thursday, March 13, 2014


Didn't I fail miserably at my New Year's resolution?! Here goes try two :) Just a few updates...

First, I'm 21 weeks pregnant with Baby D #2! Yay! It's amazing how different it feels round two. Not physically as much as mentally. The first half has flown by (ok, maybe with the exception of the first couple sick and tired months that I have already conveniently blocked out). It's just kinda nice to know halfway what to expect. Every pregnancy is different, but at least I have and idea.  It's a lot less nerve wracking this time and more fun. When you're busy getting and enjoying every second with your first baby, there is less time to worry. I love it. Also, we've decided (ok, I've decided but Brad has become OK with it), that we aren't going to find out the gender for this one. Big surprise!

Ford is 18 months and becoming quite the chatty one. Some of his favorite new words are:

- outside, bubbles, please, thank you, pasta, pizza, baby, juice, mall (you know you live in Singapore when...), home, fast, stop, go, green, red, Cars, McQueen, Nemo, Frozen (no screens before age two...good luck with that), oh no, money, tickle tickle tickle!, all done, bath, Muxi, apple, orange, Nana (both the people and the fruit), buttah (peanut butter), one, coke (Brad's fault), night night, teeth, nose, eye, toes, ice cream (my fault), cake (also my fault), grapes, wah-wah (water), grass, Elmo (long on the -oh), itchy, boat, taxi, car, bus, truck, wow, shoot

He loves singing the song Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes while looking at the pictures of his real (see later paragraph) uncles acting it out in the family picture book my mom gave him and Ring around the Rosie (over and over and over).

Still number one on his list of favorite things in the world continues to be 'outside' and 'on'- aka We're going outside and turning the hose on. He's learned how to fix a crink in the hose, drink from the hose, water the flowers, fill the baby pool, give the giraffe on the pool a drink, fill his scooter with 'gas', and when he gets the idea to spray Brad, Mel, or me he gives a warning 'Nooo' right before he does so. It's like he's having a little angel/devil shoulder conversation on whether to spray us or not. When I promptly say, 'Ok, the water's going off,' he sprays the ground, points to it, and says Grass. Smart boy.

Also related is his love of all the 'uncles' in the building. It's polite to call those that are older, especially in the service industry (janitors, cab drivers, etc), 'uncle' or 'auntie'. Ford begs to go outside and see the uncles. He will bring his own broom and sweep along side of them for a good 20 minutes, even pointing out a leaf that is missed. One uncle always lets him water the plants and fill the pool. He's definitely Ford's favorite. Another one (Uncle Fujimoto- fun name) gives Ford his walkie talkie, which F has learned to turn the dial on so it says 'one'. The rest of aunties and uncles give him high-fives and call him Handsome Boy. We are lucky to have such nice folks in our new(ish) complex!

Ford's favorite activities with his Dad are playing basketball on the court at our building, watching Dad play basketball with his work friends, watching Cars, tickling, reading the Muxi book, doing the Bullwinkle, and going on bike rides to the river with him on the weekends. Brad has been trying to get home every night to see Ford before he goes to sleep, so Ford has started jumping at every sound he hears after 6pm and yelling 'Daddy!' with one finger up in the air (pointer).  I don't think it could get sweeter than that.

A couple funny instances from the past week:

- Ford and I were in the grocery store and went past the seafood section. Here the whole fish are sitting out on ice and I usually stay away (smell). Anyway, Ford saw them, pointed, and yelled in a sad voice, "Nemo!"  Poor Nemo.

- Like the rest of the toddlers out there, he can now operate an iphone. Swipe open, choose an app, play a game, or more likely, turn on Cars. He also has tried to book a taxi a number of times. Good thing he doesn't know our zipcode.

- Any time Anna is on the screen (in Frozen), he points and says 'Mama!' She's got some big scary eyes, but I'll take her itty bitty waist any day.  Also, anytime we pass a blonde woman, he yells 'Nana!'

- We've started building forts in the living room and jumping on top of them. I have never seen such pure glee in a child. Yesterday, he got finished stacking all the pillows (plus the doll stroller and scooter), and went to get Mel who was in her room by the hand and proudly walked her to his creation. He looked at it, put both his hands up, and said, 'Wooooow!" Then he instructed each of us to jump on the pile of pillows umpteenth times.

- He likes to dip everything in catchup (see how I did that? tied it back to the post title). Turkey, pizza, blueberries, bananas, you name it. I'm going to have to research a lower sugar option. 

I know there are more that I'm forgetting and even more grammatical errors in this post, but you see Ford is taking his nap, and I have grown quite accustomed to an afternoon nap as well. I figure I better get them in before baby #2 arrives.  Next post will be pictures to thank you for reading all of this text :) 

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  1. Hi Lauren! I'm just now seeing your blog- it's great! Congratulations on baby #2!!