Sunday, January 12, 2014

Ford Update

I haven't done a Ford update in a while, so here goes for those that are interested. I'll take some pics this next week when Brad gets back from the States with the camera.

- "Cheese cheese" aka string cheese
- Eating whole apples. I have to take out the seeds when I see them or they go down too.
- Muxi the cat is still his best friend. Almost an obsession really. He says her name over and over and looks for her in all her favorite sleeping/hiding spots. He also has taken to stepping over her. Back and forth and back and forth. Until he steps on her.
- Putting on our shoes.
- Saying "Gooooo" to be pushed around in his car.
- Saying "Please". He's learned it's the magic word.
- Hitting me and laughing. Super.
- A book I bought a while back called 'Listen Listen'. I loved it and read it often, and now he picks it out on his own every night.  Good and bad since I am getting a tad bored of it. He picks out the doggies and seagulls and Daddy in the pictures. I may or may not have taught him that the picture of the man falling while skiing was Daddy. Oops :)
- Climbing on top of things. Like chairs, the sofa, the coffee table, etc. He turns over his Pottery Barn kids chair and climbs on top.
- The toaster oven. Kid could sit on the counter and put his bottle tops in and out of the oven (turned off of course) all dang day. Nevermind the kidsized kitchen we got him for Christmas. That's fake.
- The vaccuum cleaner. If he hears it on, he points his finger in the air, gasps in amazement, and makes a dash for it.
- Mr. Potato Head. I love that he loves it. So simple and can entertain him for 10 minutes at a time (which is a lot).
- Eating. Everything you put in front of him. Even some decently spicy stuff. He does seem to have a thing for Asian-esque dishes especially. My cute little Singaporean.
- Baths and using bath crayons.
- Blowing kisses :)

- Being dried off after a bath. Putting a diaper on after a bath. Putting pajamas on after a bath. Pretty much the whole getting ready for bed thing.
- When I don't let him outside in the morning and evening because the mosquitoes will eat him alive. Screams at the door and goes all limp-limbed and crazy when I try to pick him up and redirect his attention.
- He doesn't say 'no', but instead shakes his head and makes a spitting noise. Nice!

Cheese cheese, Muxi, Momma, Daddy, Mel, Nana, bye-bye, open, please, up, thank you (tay-tay), woof woof, meow,  dinner (ninner), yes, yeaaaaah, oh-yeah, love you (kinda!)

He is about 24.5 lbs (he weighs himself) and I have not idea how tall he is. His feet are still so chunky they don't fit in most shoes. We are really starting to see his personality and couldn't be happier (besides the hitting part, sigh). He is overall a happy, easy going, inquisitive little bruiser, and we have more fun with him than we could have imagined when he was born almost 17 months ago.

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  1. Love this post Lauren! Especially love the part that he can say 'Nana!" :)