Saturday, August 10, 2013

Playing House

We have a new favorite day time destination and it is Royce Gym. It's sensory overload for babies and they LOVE IT. The whole place is foam padded. There are approximately 500+ toys (not exaggerating), slides, playhouses. They take you and your baby's temperature when you go in (no sickies). You pay by the hour. It. is. fantastic! And to top it off, Ford takes killer naps after. What's not to love? Here are Ford and his friend Sawyer playing house. If they get married some day, they are going to have one heck of a slide show.


  1. I just love when Sawyer turns around serious like and he waves and smiles. He has so much personality. Darling!

  2. How fun! We've had a similar experience at Gymboree this past year and it truly is great! Safe padded areas, new friends to meet, lots of fun and (hopefully/usually) good naps after! Enjoy!