Sunday, July 21, 2013

11 months

What an awesome summer! While a part of me is sad it is over, a bigger part of me is just so thankful and happy that it happened. Two months in the US including 3 weddings in North Carolina and over a month at Pelican Lake with my family, along with a chance to show 2 of my college friends my favorite place. The only downside was being away from my hubby for such a long stretch- close to a month, but it was fun though to 'show off' all of Ford's new skills when B joined us for the last week in Minnesota. So much changes in the course of a month with a 10 month old!

Speaking of my big guy, he is officially 11 months now! Holy bajesus!  He is chatting nonsense and stumbling around with such energy I'm beginnning to imagine what is in store next- and the amount of coffee that will be required. Right now he is in a phase of wanting to walk everywhere but only if you hold both of his hands. I'm either going to have really impressive back muscles or be a hunchback if he doesn't start walking on his own soon. If you try to just give one hand, he has a meltdown and cries and smacks the ground (oh my temper tantrum. let the actual parenting begin). He does 'so big' with both hands over his head and when asked 'What does Uncle Becker do', he puts both hands in fists, shakes  and growls. In all fairness, Uncle Becker doesn't do this now, but he certainly did when he was a toddler any time you didn't let him wear his cowboy boots. Maybe he would do it now too, but I haven't tried to style him in years. Ford has started to copy some sounds- clicking, growling, sighing, and my favorite, saying 'Up' to get out of the highchair.  Aunt Mandy taught him the sign for 'more', which he likes to do pretty much all the time. Either he doesn't fully understand it or the kid really did want to eat the whole box of cheerios.  He also learned a move we call 'Frankenstein' which has morphed into a bit of a rapper dance.  He is always coyly shy when meeting girls and but not at all so when he meets a guy. What a little flirt.  Ford loves his walker now and plays bumper car with a lot of gumption. He also really likes to stack coasters (bartender?) and try to put the lids back on food packets, water bottles, and and tupperware.

This is by far my favorite age, although I'm sure I'll say that every month. It is so fun being his mom and I am thankful I get to spend my days with him. His smiles and belly laughs melt my heart and make me smile so many times a day. He has turned me into such a sap, that I tear up just writing about him.

Happy 11 months Fordiepie. We love you more than you can possibly know!

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