Monday, April 15, 2013


It's been a big week over here! Ford has decided hit a number of milestones all at once. I am hoping this growth spurt of sorts explains the new sleep 'schedule' this week which included multiple play times at 2am and 4am...and that it returns to normal soon!
  • Makes the 'm' sound. Pretty sure I've heard a 'mom' in there, but I may be delusional from lack of sleep.
  • Sits up. First time I saw this was when he was not sleeping and I was standing over his crib hoping that my motherly presence would just soothe him right back to sleep. False, he flipped to his belly, bottom up, push back, and boom. sitting up. Just like that.
  • The morning  follow the sitting up business, I walked into his room, and he was standing in his crib shaking the rails. I naturally squealed with excitement, the poor child let go and fell over backwards. (parentingFAIL #3476 of the week I think)
  • Army crawls. Love this. He is so much happier not being 'stuck'.
  • Yelling, growling, hissing, ooohing. Getting very loud over here.
  • Ripped the bumper off (tore the tie-strings). Tried to tear down the monitor.
Like I said, big week. The nap he is currently not taking is about over. Adios!

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