Sunday, April 21, 2013

8 months

Oopsies. I'm delinquent again with the monthly update. They are just coming at me so dang fast now. Slow down child, you're growing too fast. Here goes:

8 months

  • Grunting and Tim Allen-ing when he's working hard at crawling or reaching.
  • Very mobile. Rolls, sits, army crawls, spins on his rear, pulls up, planks. All at super lightning speed (if he feels like it).
  • Remotes, iphones, ipads, laptops, keyboards, powercords, sockets, large speakers on precarious perches. Basically anything that can either electrocute him, smush him, or cost mom and dad good money to fix.
  • Playing with his toys without me. He seems quite content when I'm not hovering. If I'm close he'll pretend I'm a jungle gym, if I'm a few feet away, he'll chat and smile at his toys and have a jolly time.
  • Eating real food. Anything and everything. 
  • Ripping up magazines and paper towels.
  • Throwing his pacifier out of the crib so I'll come in and get it.
  • Zippers, drawer pulls, and leather. To jimmy, try his darndest to remove, and chew.
  • Smiling at himself and me in the mirror.
  • Drumming on everything.
  • Swimming. We've been taking swim lessons at our pool. Lots of dancing around and singing at this point but he loves it nonetheless.
  • Other babies... slowly but surely they are getting more interested in eachother. Ford will usually sit back and assess for a few minutes and then join in.
  • Sleeping more than 4 hours at one time at night. 
  • When I won't let him hold the spoon.
  • Diaper and outfit changes. Squirmbug.
  • When Dad gets in that mysterious box and disappears in the morning (elevator). 
Fun things from the month:
  • Took him to the doctor because I thought he had an ear infection because he kept cocking his head to the side. Turns out he's just a flirt.
  • "Waves" when we walk up to someone...more like flapping one arm, but I think he's getting the idea.
  • Has so much hair all of a sudden!

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