Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Seven Months

I say it every month but our baby is getting so big! We are loving seeing his personality start to come out and can't stop laughing when we are around him.

Weight: About 19 or so lbs by my estimates.

Milestones: He has pulled himself up on his own in the crib once and from sitting on the outside of the bassinet (on the floor) once. He's not able to sit up yet but I'll be lowering the crib mattress this week in case he decides to start  in the middle of the night!

He has two teeth that have broken through in the last 2 weeks. He's not overly bothered but likes to scrape them with his fingers.

Likes: Food. Yet to meet one he really truly doesn't like. We've been making baby food more this month and he is getting used to textures. Trying to do more protein at night to help him sleep longer (maybe?!) such as chicken-potato-apple combo and Greek yogurt.

Reaching out. Either to switch being held by someone else or to stand up if he's seated. At a BBQ the other week, he just went from one person to the next- everyone felt so loved!

Bath time. I think he could stay in there for hours. He has some bath animals and cups that keep him so entertained. The animals he gnaws on and the cups he drinks soapy water from. He also LOVES to splash up a storm. 

Spitting/blowing bubbles. When he's full or just acting like a goofball, he starts and doesn't stop! Huge mess. I'm going to start feeding him on the balcony and just hose it off after.

Squirming. He does NOT sit still and I know it will only get worse from here. Sometimes he won't even let me hold him while he takes a bottle and I literally feed him like a baby cow while he just sits there with his neck out.

Speaking of necks. He is doing this raise his shoulders up and puff out his cheeks to look like a linebacker thing and it cracks my shiat up.

Very interested in his right hand and is mesmerized looking at it open and close.  

He can make the b- and d- sound. Which I guess means ba-ba and da-da are going to come before ma-ma. Sigh. Sounds silly but his voice is sounding more grown up to me.

Being tickled. He just howls!

Sleep: He sleeps. He wakes up.  Many times in a 24 hr period.  I give up trying to make it fit a schedule :)

Brad and I feel so lucky to be his parents and thank God for him and our life with him here in Singapore every day. We truly are so blessed. Tomorrow we are headed to Margaret River Valley outside of Perth, Australia for the Easter weekend with our friend's Lauren, Sammy and Sawyer. Brad has been traveling and super busy at work the last couple weeks, so I am excited to just hang out, eat, and drink wine for the next 5 days! Happy Easter to all!


  1. Lauren- He is so cute!! Can't believe how big he has gotten...And no they do not get more still as time goes on....My child is out of control

  2. argh i want to hang out with him! and you :) enjoy australia! how cool. i'm not jealous. nope. not one bit ;)