Wednesday, February 20, 2013

six months

Happy birthday my boy! Ford started the celebration early by sleeping until 9am. I was actually waiting for him to get up! I had bought a few 6mo+ toys and gotten them all ready and assembled for him. I know.  He's 6 months old and has no idea, but I do! And I have to say I was pleasantly surprised that none of the three went unnoticed. He played with all of them all day. Some updates for this month:
  • Doctor Checkup: He stared down the doctor throughout the entire exam. Serious stink eye going on. Once Dr. Leo said he passed with flying colors though, his frown turned into a big ol' grin. That is until they brought out the two shots. I'm happy to report that I made it through my first round of shots with him without passing out. Brad had come with for all the previous ones, but couldn't make it this morning. Yay, me!
  • Stats:
    • Height: 26in (25%)
    • Weight: 18.22lbs (50%)
    • Head Circumference: 18in (95%)
  • Milestones:
    •  At about 5 months and a week, he started sitting on his own really well. Per Instagram documentation, I often sat him in the bassinet as I figured it was a good cushioned fall anyway he went (and not to mention I needed to somehow justify the purchase and intl shipping since he had slept in the thing a whopping 5 times as a baby baby)
    • Can easily roll from back to belly and then pivot himself in a circle. Not really interested in rolling the other way. 
    • We started solids right at his 5 month birthday. So far he's had: broccoli (favorite!), apples, watermelon, melon, pears, blueberry, carrots, brown rice cereal, sweet potato, pumpkin, squash, banana, fresh mango and papaya (least favorite!). I made all of 3 of the steamed/pureed varieties myself and have been buying either jars or pouches otherwise. I really should make it. I should. But it's so dang easy to buy. Soon. I will start soon. Today he also tried plain Greek yogurt for the first time. I took it out to mix with some blueberry apples but figured I'd give him a bite first. Mean me thought I might get a funny face out of it. Instead he gobbled it right up! Oh, he also had a french fry that he swiped off my plate and got in his mouth in under 2 seconds.
    • I swear his teeth are coming in but no official sighting of them yet. He drools like a crazy person and puts everything in his mouth. His favorite is to attack my chin.

  • Sleep: All over the place still but there may be signs of improvement. Here is best guess as to what is 'normal' but again with a lot of deviation: 
    • Wake at 8am
    • Nap around 9:30am for 30 min-1 hour
    • 30 min nap around 12:30
    • 1-1.5 hour nap around 2
    • 30 minute nap around 5
    • Down between 7:30 and 8 with a few wakeups for the paci and one for bottle around 5am

  • Loves sitting up to play. If I put him in the rocker, glider, swing, car seat, he immediately props himself on his elbows and does what looks like a solid crunch and hold. Then he yells.
  • When I read him a story, he will periodically look back at me, smile a huge grin, and then look back at the book. Are you kidding me, child?  I will read you 3,482,763 stories a night. 
  • Silent yelling. Very odd but it looks like he trying to scream but holding his breath at the same time? I don't know but it's quite funny.
  • Twirls/pulls his hair while he drinks a bottle.
  • Today for the first time he managed to finagle himself halfway out of the bouncer. I was baking his cake (that I ate) and look over to see him on his stomach, feet touching the floor. It looked like he was about to make a run for it. Guess it's time I actually buckle him in the thing.
  • He's started making this whiney noise when he wants something. It sounds very 2 yr old-esque, and it makes me tres nervous!
  • He is too heavy for me in the Bijorn. Makes me feel like I am 8.5mo pregnant again walking to the store. No, no thank you. Thinking about getting an Ergo but it just seems like a lot of buckles and hoopla. Thoughts?
  • Loves to swim with us.We go swimming probably twice a week. He kicks his feet and I have even dunked him a few times with no tears.
  • Ford's interest in necklaces and my hair is at a new high. The fact that I'm still losing my hair in chunks (another thing no one warned me about!), coupled with his new found love of pulling it out is not helping me in the pretty department.
  • He loves Muxi the cat and pets her/pulls out her fur in fistfulls whenever she ventures close enough. She is a good sport and unlike me seems to be growing it back just fine.
  • Overall, Ford continue s to be such a happy, joyful boy and we couldn't prouder or love him any more!
Pictures already? I'm not even awake yet.

Birthday morning 6mo+ presents!

Still sleepy-eyed but happy!
Trying to figure out his new sippy cup.
Stack the rings? No problem Mom ;)
Have you seen my guns, Penguin? Pow.
This dumb penguin keeps on coming back for more.


Angry face

Yeah, I can stand up. No big deal.

Eating a banana through this contraption

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    1. "head circumference: 95%" is my favorite stat :)

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