Monday, February 25, 2013

family time

How about this?! Two posts in one day. I am on. a. roll.

My crazy, amazing, whacko brothers and their lovely wife/girlfriend came half way around the world to see us this path month. I can't say enough how great it was to have them here. I love them so much and miss them everyday.

Some highlights:
- Indoor skydiving at iFly Singpoore. So fun!
- Long talks on the porch and heated games of A* and Presidents
- Hiking MacRitchie and the treetop walk
- Supertrees at Gardens by the Bay
- A side trip to Bali
- Taking suggestions from Anthony Bordain in Ubud (spot on- best pig roast this side of the Beach Park Pig Pickin')
- Family elephant ride through the rainforest at Safari Park Lodge in Bali
- Swim up bar at Potato Head and drinks at Ku De Ta (SG and Bali)

I'll let the pics explain but let me tell you this life just doesn't get much better! And I apologize, these are in absolutely no order whatsoever!

Waiting for his uncles and aunts not so patiently.
I'll drive my car to pass the time.
I, I, I think I see their plane!
They're here, they're here!

Fried pork skin, fried pork meat, white pork, veggies, rice, big beer = $5. I'll take 2.

Like Godfather, like Godson.

Father and son matching swimsuits for Valentine's Day!

Jim Thompson

Aunt Mandy

Ku De Ta in Singapore


High rollers in Bali.

Giant river prawn

Potato Head hehe

JWA for mama.

He'll kill me for this someday.

 **More pics on instagram... Wasn't always easy to have the huge-o camera!

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