Thursday, January 17, 2013


No I didn't...

  • Carryon 12 bottles of premade formula that had to be individually bomb tested by both Tampa and Newark TSA. 
  • Bring one too many carryons for my number of arms. 
  • Change 7/8 diapers in the airplane seat instead of the bathroom. 
  • Bring four changes of outfits for him and none for me.
  • Put my baby on the first class lounge floor.
  • Try to make friends with the businessmen around me so they wouldn't hate me when my Baby decided to use his outdoor-in-the-wilderness-with-no-one-around-for-miles voice. 
  • Get yelled at for going up an escalator with the stroller because the elevator was broken.
  • Cry when the United agent told me that I couldn't transfer terminals without going through security again. 
  • Then have the best customer service ever when the SingAir agent carried all my bags with me through security and to the lounge. 
  • Come home with two more suitcases than I left with.  
OK, yes I did. But we made it and even got a 'Best Baby on the Plane Ever' award from our SG flight planemates! Now to conquer baby jetlag. See you in two weeks or so!

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