Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy Everything!

Tonight is NYE and I am at home (home home in Tampa) alone with a baby with a cold. Aside from feeling horrible for little Ford and his runny nose and icky cough, I must admit it's kinda nice to just hang out- alternately watching Ford on his new awesome baby monitor (thanks my Mr.)/ praying that each passing firework doesn't wake him, going on 3 episodes of Saved By the Bell (There's never enough time! one is on right now. Amazing.), and trying to figure out all the setups on my new laptop (thanks twice my Mr.).  I have a growing to do list of Thank You's to write (Ford is really REALLY spoiled!), presents to finish and send (Happy 2013 presents anyone?), 2012 photo books to finish, and New Years resolutions to write, but for the moment I will sit here and thank God for the most amazing year of my life.

Here are some pics from the past month in the US. I'm overwhelmed at how blessed we have been to spend the month with so many people from almost every part of my life- hometown friends, college friends, Chicago friends, Connecticut friends, and my wonderful old and new families. Love, love, love you so much and HAPPY 2013!

Michigan- to see Grandpa and KK!
Fun new- and very smart- octopus. 

Up to northern Michigan!

All smiles all the time.

Cutest shower ever! Thank you Marcia and Colleen!

Poppy and Jane meet Ford for the first time.

And GrandJanny!

Ford getting ready in his pretty handsome Baptism dress.

Ford's Godparents!

Fr Mike came to Tampa to baptize Ford. So blessed to have him in our lives and celebrate both our wedding and Ford's baptism!

Beck and Allie

Sneaky mom!

Favorite picture of the month :)

Family wedding shower for Ms. Paige!

I still say he looks like Becker :)

Ford loves his puppy.

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  1. yes yes and yes. thanks for making me cry, LJ!!! xoxo