Saturday, January 26, 2013

5 Months

5 months. Holy cow how did that happen? My baby is a boy. A real boy. To quote Pinocchio. Boggles my mind.

Some fun goings on and Ford Facts this month:
  • He is jabbering a ton! Laughing like crazy. So ticklish. Neck, ribs, thighs, toes.  It's my favorite part for sure. 
  • Leaning into me when I hold him. Rolling towards me to snuggle in when I'm laying with him. Ok, that's my favorite. 
  • One minute talking REALLY loud and then cooing in the sweetest most sweetest little voice you can imagine the next. All the while staring straight into my eyes like I'm the greatest thing since sliced bread. I melt. 
  • Making noises while breathing in. It's hard to explain but it scared the snot out of me when he first did it because it sounds like he's trying to get his breadth, but he thinks it is hysterical and will actually laugh at himself on the exhale.
  • Falling asleep on my shoulder instead of in rock-a-by-baby position. Or I guess that's actually called cradle but you got it, didn't you?
  • Cries if I take away a toy while he's playing with it. Mom, I was NOT finished with that yet. 
  • Grabbing his toes. This was started by his GranJanny and Nana Jo pushing his legs so he could get a view of those little porkers.
  • Grabbing everything really. My hair, my chin, my nose, my teeth, the skin on the underside of my arm (that one hurts!).
  • Likes tummy time now. At least for 10 min or so at a time.
  • Putting everything in his mouth. I mean everything. At first, I thought he was trying to give me open mouth kisses. Not so. He just really wants to bite my nose off.
  • He's over 17 lbs. Chunker. Chunky thunder thighs that I LOVE.
  • He gained a bit in the height category but overall his height and weight are in the 50 percentile while his head is at 95%. He wants the Cee Lo nickname to stick.
  • Sits up on his own for 10-30 seconds until he either timbers to the side or faceplants forward. He is yet to be bothered by tipping though and usually laughs the tumble off. 
  • Still a miserable napper. 
  • Night time is getting considerably better though. 7ish to somewhere between 3 and 5. Up for a bottle, back down until 7:30. I'll take it.
  • I don't want to jinx it before 6 months, but it looks like those pretty blue eyes from his Pop are going to stick. 
  • Somewhat kindof sorta rolling over but not really. It's usually a halfway and eventually gets a little push from me.  Literally seconds after I wrote this, he started crying from one of his non-naps. I picked him up and laid him on his tummy to play and he leaned, grunted, and turned himself right over. That shows me!
So this post has been in the works for four six days (since his actual 5 month birthday) but things just don't happen quickly around here. Refer back to the Death of Efficiency post ;) Onto to the best part... the pictures!

Updated his wall art. The sign is from our pregnancy announcement post :)

Yes, mom propped me up like this. No pulling up yet. But I do love to stand up and getting a better view!

Happy Gasparilla!

Who's that handsome boy?

Thank you Nana Jo for my new nursery art! Now to find some ribbon to cover up those silly 3m hooks.

Catch you guys later!

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  1. FIVE MONTHS! how is that even possible? love those porkers!!!