Sunday, November 25, 2012

3 Months Young!

3 month stats:

Weight: 6.3 kg / 13.89 lbs (75%)
Height:  59 cm/ 23.23 in (50%)
Head circumference is in the 90 something percentile. No surprise as this babe comes from a long line of big noggins.

Nicknames: Goose magoose  (Don't ask me- just comes out of my mouth), Ceelo (it's sticking...see weight/height ratio above), Blue (as in "You're my boy Blue")

Really grabbing onto things now. Especially the toys dangling in the play gym. The other day I was worried he was going to break the thing he was pulling so hard. I think he was trying to do pull ups. It is a 'gym' after all. He did manage to pull off one of the rings that I had attached to a toy. In the bouncer, he was able to pull the singing toy (I mean what do you call these things in real life, I don't know) all on his own. I think I scared him when I yelled out of excitement from across the room. Weird mom.  He's also starting to kick at the play gym toys a bunch and get wriggly in my arms. 

The gummy smiles and laughs are just getting better and better. The really good laughs usually happen while we're changing his diaper (funny stuff) and always seem to catch me off guard or when you tickle his sides, toes, or kiss his little neck. Still my most favorite part of the day (to be clear. the smiles/laughs not the diaper changing). He's 'talking' a ton. Very staccato noises, sometimes more song-like especially if music is on and/or if we're having a dance party, and can be VERY loud.

Eats about 27 ounces a day which is a little less than the 'max' prescribed by the doctor but he is gaining weight just fine as you can see.

Sleeping: For a while there we got to a 'set' schedule of sleep around 7:30, feed between 1-2, feed around 5, up at 7, but now it's back to being all over the board. Usually though he wakes up 2 times a night and goes back to bed pretty easy after eating each time. One thing that has been consistent and probably not the best habit to get into, is that when he wakes between 5-6, he usually ends up in our bed because then he'll sleep next to me until 8 or even 9 sometimes. So snuggly.

He has managed to turn himself around 180* in his crib on a number of occasions. Not sure how but I'm guessing he 'walks' himself around using the bumper.

Hair is still falling out and the new stuff is looking blond to sandy blond. Can't wait to see it really come in! I miss all of his hair!

Ok, on to the pics!

The eyebrow raise is all Brad!

 Going through a vintage period :)
One of my all time favorites. Expression, hair, pose, roll visibility, baby feet. Love.
Mom's hoping I keep my baby blues!

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! This outfit was made by none other than the talented Nana Jo! Good thing we got some pics a little early because he peed through his cute outfit before our guests could get here for our Saturday Thanksgiving Feast!

Outfit change! Even though I love playing dress up with him (sorry, Bud), my favorite still remains a white onesie on him. So simple and 'baby' looking to me :)

Love these rolls :)

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  1. absolutely 100% in love - cannot wait to see him so soon!!