Thursday, November 1, 2012

2 Month Post (Two Weeks Late!)

Finally, here are Ford's 2 Month Pics. While I'm posting them late, they were actually taken on his 2 month birthday :)  When I was uploading them from the camera, the 1 month pictures came up and naturally I started crying- He is getting to be such a big boy already! I call him my 'toddler' now because I feel like he is a big kid already.  A few stats and fun facts:

  • Weight- 12.1 lbs (Don't ask me the percentile because I don't remember! Plus I really don't get those things!)
  • We moved him into his crib just at the 2 month mark and everyone is sleeping more soundly! He is still getting up 2-3 times a night, plus at 6am, 7am, 8am, but oddly enough I think my body is just more used to it now. Brad usually does one night feeding as well which helps a ton.
  • As you probably saw in one of my preggo pics, we have a 5 foot tall giraffe in his room which my dear friend named 'Angel' (wonder who that could be!). Angel has now come to rest right above his changing table, and Ford just stares at him the whole time during changes. On the diaper changing note, he manages to pee on me AT LEAST once a day. It doesn't matter what I do- he will find a way to get me. Has he ever peed on his dad? No, of course not.
  • Giving strangers the eye- He can look so serious sometimes!
  • Likes- 
    • New-found love of his bouncer that has a bar over top with a monkey and lion. It makes noises when you pull one of the pieces, and he can sit there and coo and smile at it for at least 20 minutes in a stretch! 
    • Play gym. He is starting to bat at the hanging animals and again can be entertained by the animals and mirror for 20+ minute stretches!
    • Similarily, he suddenly loves his musical mobile in his crib. I can actually lay him under it and have time to brush my teeth before he gets fidgety! :) 
    • Baby Bijorn around the house or out quickly for coffee. I've started to face him out so he can get a better view for our walks.
    • Still loves his bottles. Doesn't care which kind, as long as it's got food behind it, he'll take it. Warm, cold, room temperature. He's not picky. Sounds like his momma. Eating about 30 ounces a day, in 4-6oz meals, roughly every 3-4 hours.
    • Bath or shower time. He likes them both and doesn't shed a tear! I think he's just happy to get them, because I tend to space them out more than I probably should. Sorry my dirty boy!
    • 'Talking'- he is such a coo-er and giggler these days and it just melts my heart. When you get him going, he looks and sounds happier than me on a trip to Ben & Jerry's. He smiles these big gummy smiles and then lets out a long happy squeal. I seriously would do just about anything for those smiles.
    • Getting his hair combed. I kid you not. I He loves his dapper side-part do'.
  • Dislikes-
    • Not much.  I guess sometimes when he finishes his 4oz and realizes there's no more, there are tears until I make another 2!
    • When he does get upset, he has started sticking out his bottom lip and into a huge frown before letting out a wail. It is pretty much the saddest thing you have ever seen!
    • Multiple outfit changes for photo shoots ;)
Ok, onto the 2 month pics! I wish I was tech savy enough to link you back to the one month pics for comparison, but maybe just look back using the sidebar timeline if you would like. My baby is such a big boy!

He's going to kill me someday for putting him in ruffles!

Loves his sailboat pillow from dad!

Still tipping over :)

Sweet boy.

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  1. so happy to hear Angel is a mainstay :) the coffee + baby look suits you quite well, lady!