Tuesday, October 16, 2012

To and From

Hello! I can't believe how refreshed and revived I feel after our week long trip to Chicago! The 60* temps and seeing so many friends and family really did the trick. Thank you, thank you Chicago for making us feel so loved!

This newbie mom packed a TON for the trip and we were truly a spectacle shuffling through the airport. Brad was such a good sport and not once sited my overpacking. We had one not small suitcase per person (Ford included), plus two diaper bags (one with feeding supplies, the other with diapering goods, changes of clothes, and a bazillion burp cloths/blankets), another carry on with back up supplies and my own change of clothes, ipad, etc., Brad's briefcase, camera bag, and, as the TSA agent put it, the 'Cadillac of Strollers' (this was said with a sneer mind you, not a compliment!). Oh and a huge rolling stroller bag to top it off. The trip to Chicago was an absolute piece of cake. Flights on time, both of us upgraded to business class, nice men who switched seats graciously so Brad and I could sit together, lovely flight attendants, Ford slept literally the entire time and did not cry one single time.

Jinxed it!

The flights home were a different story. They went something like this:
-Brad went through the security line and then the TSA person decided to let me know I needed to be in another line with Ford, the 3 piece stroller and two diaper bags. He escorted me over and cut me to the front of the line.  In Tokyo and Singapore I could take the stroller through the metal detector . Not so US! Take it all apart, flip the car seat, carry Ford, take off boots, take off jacket. Baby screamiing. Paci hits the dirty floor. Car seat gets stuck as it is too big for the opening to the xray. Has to be manually checked and ripped apart to do so. The hundred or so people backing up in line are just staring in disbelief/annoyance.  Step one.
- Get to counter and only one of us will be upgraded. Lucky for me Brad sends Ford and me Business. Not so lucky for Brad. Back of the cattle car for him for the next 12 hours.
- Gate agent tells us that babies no longer board first after we've been standing near the door and not queing right up until boarding starts. Lug everything to end of the mess of a line.
- Get situated on plane and thank my lucky stars the man next to me doesn't seem bothered that he is sitting next to an 8 week old.
- Oh wait, there is a problem with the something or other latch. 20 minute delay, 30 minute delay, hour delay. Ok, ready to go. Get out bottle, make it up, start feeding Baby Ford so his ears don't bother him on the ascent. Chugging the bottle. Plane not moving. 30 min delay. Bottle is done and we haven't moved. 30 minute delay. Seat belt sign off. I start smelling something unpleasant and decide to head for the bathroom to change him. Step in the door, remove blanket, leggings, onesie, realize I have a big mess on my hands. I hear a ding and the seat belt sign goes on and the Captain announces we have suddenly been cleared for departure. Oh crap (pun intended). Flight attendent bangs on the door once.  Second time, she literally unlocks the door to tell me I am delaying takeoff.
- Sit down and realize I have no bottle to give him.
- Finally airborn, I am looking forward to the fancy business class meal. Once served, I realize quickly its a tad difficult to eat with out switching baby holding duty off with Brad since he is at the back of the bus. After a lighter than I would like dinner, I dash to change him again and miss the highlight of business class- ice cream sundaes. Meh.
- Ford decides it's a good time to stay awake for 10 out of the 12 hour flight.
- Must lay him on the icky seat to make bottles as my partner in crime feeding can't come up. Lots of crying while making up bottles.
- Get to Tokyo and almost miss our connecting flight. Quietly pray we do miss it, so that we can stay in a hotel and go to sleep. Instead an agent for that flight meets us and whisks us to the connection that is waiting for us. The one time I am not happy about Japanese efficiency and customer service.
- Both Brad and I are in the back of the bus. At least we're together. I get weird claustorphobic feeling sitting in the middle with Ford. Brad has to hold him pretty much the whole 7 hour flight.
- Get back to Sing and collect luggage. Wait for cab then told we need to reserve a van at a separate counter to fit all our baggage.
- Get van and start loading. Ford does the same.
- Get home and lift Ford from his car seat. Blow out. Everywhere. 2:30am bath time! Welcome home!

It sounds horrible reading it back, but the 24+ hours of travel was actually quite comical as it was all happening. If there is one thing baby Ford has taught me in his first 8 weeks, it's that all I can do is sit back, laugh, and enjoy the ride!



  1. They are tricky little things, being so deceptively sweet on the trip to places! I'm glad you guys made in there and BACK in one piece!

  2. ahhh!! At least you had a wonderful flight over but the one going back sounds so stressful!! !! You're right, all you can do is sit back and laugh!! On a not so pleasant, yet practical note...the blow outs or explosions as we call them do get better once they start with solid foods. Much drier, less liquidy and all over the place. This, coming from the mom who had to change her son in the middle of a Target aisle once because the explosion was so unbelievably everywhere that we couldn't even make it to the bathroom for a changing table. (At least we did have a change of outfit otherwise I would have not only been "that mom" but I would have also been toting a diaper-only, topless baby around. Classy!) Oh and if you ever wanna hear about what it's like when a baby has "the runs" (i.e. runny diapers about once every 30 minutes to an hour for 4 days in a row) I'm your girl. (Target day was just a regular day.)