Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Death of Efficiency

I like things to be efficient. No doodaddling. If we decide to go somewhere, let's be out the door in 5. I have different diaper bags prepped and ready to go for different length of trips.  If I need to pick up things around the house, I am going to try to hold everything possible to move it from one room to the next.  Yes, it would take one more minute to make a second trip, but if I can hold it all... You get the point. Having a baby has killed any sense of efficiency in my life. Point in case. The other day I went to one of Singa's 239,834 malls to check out Gap Baby.

  • 9:45- We arrived before everything opened (10am). A few stores open early, so we took the elevator to B1 to see if Gap is such a store. It is not. Level one was more interesting, so took the elevator back to L1 do some laps.
  • 10:00-  Opening time. Elevator to B1.
  • 10:01- Ford started screaming and I realized it was time to eat (poor planning). Elevator back to L1 to sit at a coffee shop to give him a bottle. 
  • 10:25- Back to B1 and into Gap.  Scan of the Women's section.
  • 10:35 More fussing and realized someone had a dirty diaper and it needed to be changed asap. Left Gap and beeline to the floor's restroom. No changing station on this floor. Elevator back up to L1.
  • 10:45 Back to B1 and Gap. Discovered the 'Baby' section literally only had 5 different onesies in his size.  Boring! And only took me an hour and 7 elevator trips to figure it out. Efficiency fail!
In other news, it was our beautiful baby boy's 2 month birthday on Sunday! I took some 2 month pics and will hopefully post them during the next nap. Can't BELIEVE he is 2 months old! Time really flies when you're being inefficient ;)

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  1. You're a funny girl! You should write a book about the life of a 1st time mother.