Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Taking a Survey

Hi Moms- Quick question while I'm thinking about it. I want to get an exersaucer for Ford while we're home for Christmas... Any recommendations on a type/brand? I only see 102932 different ones on Amazon to choose from.  Also, do you have a walker in addition to or instead of an exersaucer? What about a doorway bouncer?  Non-moms- Sorry :)  Many thanks!


  1. We have an exersaucer, which has been unused and taking up space for the past 8 months. We need to pack it up. He lasts about 3 minutes in there before he wants out. Maybe ours is too complex and a more simple one with less going on would be better. Brightstars has a simple one (aqua color) that looks good. We have the jeep walker. He lasts about 5 minutes in there before he wants out. If he's in a good mood, he'll have fun going backwards (can't seem to go forward) for about 1 minute before he crashes into something and this either puts a dent in our furniture or upsets him. We never got a doorway bouncer but I know a few babies who have loved them and a few who haven't. Bottom line, my child loves to crawl or cruise around and follow me everywhere. And I've noticed with other children too--that once they get mobile they don't want to be trapped. We've had better luck with placing him in the highchair if he needs to be contained for a bit, that way he can bang his sippy cup or play/ie drop toys over and over on the floor. :) Also, we do have a playpen and that buys us 20 minutes at the most. So maybe that would be my best recommendation. But most importantly, invest in Barney DVD's or find the Barney channel. Barney is a lifesaver.

    1. Thanks Rosemary!! I've heard too from a couple people about the magic of Barney videos- Who would have thunk it :)!

    2. And thanks to everyone who emailed me too! So helpful to get your advice!