Monday, August 13, 2012

So close!

I have been so bad at posting the last couple of weeks. It's an odd thing, as I know most moms-to-be start nesting, organizing and doing a million and one things before the baby is born, but I instead feel paralyzed to do anything but watch the clock and dodaddle around accomplishing very little in the process! I did the same thing right before our wedding strangely enough. Hard to explain but I'm just so completely excited that I have 0 attention span for just about anything!

I'm officially working from home this week and will be done with work on Friday. This week could not have come soon enough as I literally have one work semi-appropriate work dress that fits.  I also make sighing/groaning noises every time I move and my feet are humongous.  While it's uncomfortable,  I'm in the best mood of the last couple months. I mean, it's obviously totally worth it. And I'm just so close to meeting our little boy!

Last doctor's appointment was this past Friday and Baby Boy was weighing in at approximately 6.6 lbs.  He had dropped a bit then but I think in the past day or so has definitely dropped more. Next appointment is on Friday. Can. Not. Wait!


  1. this makes me so happy! cannot stinking wait :)

  2. Nana Jo is anxious to come to the rescue! She is ready to get on the plane.... and the flight isn't for 2 days yet! haha