Friday, July 27, 2012

I have not been feeling well at all today. Whine, whine.  Heartburn and upset stomach and nausea and swollen ankles and bone achiness, oh my. Now my head is swimming as well because I need to figure out this cord blood banking business asap. We will likely do it based on the research we've done, but wanted to see if anyone has any opinions or thoughts on the matter. If so, please feel free to reply in the comments or email me. Many thanks :)

PS. Went to the doctor yesterday and everything is still looking good. Baby Boy is estimated to be about 5.5 lbs. That's like a real baby! Doctor says he would rather not see him get much over 6.5 lbs for my own sake, so I'm already planning on climbing hills and eating pineapples and drinking coconut water the day I hit 37 weeks :):)

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  1. Eric and I did the research too and what we decided was to donate it to a public cord blood bank. The chances of needing it (unless you have any genetic dispositions) are low and so instead of pay all the money and never use it we decided we would rather donate it so someone that has a need can use it. My other thought was if everyone donated then if the time came when we would have needed it then hopefully someone else out there had donated cord blood that would be a match for us. Someone else told me that if you need a transfusion more than likely the amount of blood you get from the cord isn't enough anyway. However, all that being said if we had disposable income where we wouldn't miss the money spent on it, we may have used a private bank just because, like I'm sure you're thinking, if something happened and you needed it you would feel guilty on passing up the opportunity to have it. Not sure if this helps, but hope so! You're so close to the end! Excited for you guys!