Friday, July 20, 2012

31, 32, 33, 34

While I know it means I'm not doing well at updating, I have to say it's pretty exciting to see that my last blog was 4th of July week and now it's the 20th! It makes me feel like just maybe August 27th will come quickly too!

I've been bad at updating mostly because I have no memory. I'll think of something to write and then once I make the 10 second trip over to the computer, there is no trace. Pregnancy Brain, Pregnesia, whatever you would like to call it.  Some of you reading this would say that I've conveniently forgotten that I've always been forgetful. Well just imagine it being 2x worse now.  In the past month, I've...
  • locked myself out of the aprartment 4 times. the security guard LOVES me!
  • left my lights on once. security guard loves me more!
  • left my purse in a managing director's office after an intern eval.
  • put a magazine in the fridge.

I also had a terrible dream about leaving the baby in his nursery ALL DAY while having people over, only to have one of the guests remind me I should probably feed him more often than every 14 hours. And just to prove to you I learned something at Baby Class, it should be every 2-3 hours. Starting the timer from when you started the last feed. Which means you could be feeding your baby literally half the day. And the other half of the day is spent changing 8-12 diapers. Wow. Reality check. I digress. Anyway, let's hope my maternal insticts trump my memory when he gets here!

One other thing I've been getting really good at. Countdowns. Here are a few...
  • Working days that I will physically be in the office: 13
  • Working days again not including holidays but including work from home: 18
  • Days until my mom gets here: 26
  • Days to due date: 38

And to throw out some other numbers, here are my belly pics from weeks 31, 32, 33, and 34. And yes, thanks to the scale, the mirror, the tactful people at the office, and these pictures, I do realize I've popped yet again :) 

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