Friday, June 29, 2012

A Little High Low

High Low Game for the week- Just for you Heidi C!

  • I absolutely, positively, can. not. sleep. I actually started this post at 3am.  I wake up now around 12, 3, and then if I'm lucky enough to fall back asleep after that, 5.  Today I was up from 3-7 and then fell asleep until 9. Everyone tells you to 'get sleep now' but they don't tell you it may be darn well impossible. 
  • I am not at Pelican Lake, and it is killing me. My whole fam and MN fam is there or on the way there and I've started to see lots of pics.  I will not dwell. I will not dwell. 
  • Miss Muxi (the cat) has decided the upholstered bed is her very own oversized scratch post.
  • This is more funny than an actual low, but I can now only button ONE button on the pajamas my mom sent me for my birthday. The picture that resulted was fairly comical I would say. Brad said to post, but I don't think you need or want to see that much skin.
  • Baby Boy has been getting the hiccups. At first it scared the bejesus out of me, but once I realized what they were, I simmered down and just get a kick out of them now (sometimes literally). He gets them once or twice a day, just for a couple minutes at a time. 
  • I finally captured a few kicks on video that I was able to send to my momma.
  • Brad is coming home tomorrow! He has been gone for 2 weeks now and I'm quite ready for him to be home. The high though (in addition to his return) is that he is knocking off this training this year so he doesn't have to do it next year. I should also add that it is not just a training, but a global leadership training that he was hand selected for. He met with the CEO and awesome stuff like that. So I am very proud of him, I just selfishly don't want him gone this long. 
  • Yesterday we organized a community project for the interns with one of the company's partner non-profit orgs. 23 interns and myself went to the organization to host a birthday party for kids with June birthdays. There were about 34 kids total from the age of 4-17 all with ranging disabilities.  I hadn't anticipated the severity of those disabilities and it was humbling to watch both the students and the teachers interact with them. There were some kids screaming and literally bouncing off the walls. I was paired up with a 9 year old named Ethan. I'm not sure of his particular disease, but he was in a wheelchair, had limited speaking ability, and only some control over his movements. I couldn't make out at first most of what he was trying to say, but he quickly noticed my belly and kept reaching over to touch it and say 'baby'. Through the help of his teacher's interpretations, he also said 'boy?" and "name". I told him we weren't certain of the name yet and then said, "Should I name him Ethan?" I can't describe to you the smile that came over him. He was so excited and knew exactly what I was talking about. Throughout the next two hours, he would periodically reach over and touch my stomach and smile. I also learned over those few hours how smart he was despite the apparent disabilities- he beat me at memory games fair and square and told me through his communication book about his girlfriend. I know the experience was meant to be for the interns, but I also got so much from it. 
  • This evening there is a American Association-sponsored 4th of July party at the American School in SG. I have organized a group of us to go and I'm pretty darn excited for some Tom Petty, fireworks, and red, white and blue! 
  • Our friends Zina and Suv got engaged while in Russia this week! Woohoo! Can't wait for them to get back to celebrate!
  • Found out my Uncle Mike from CO is moving to Singapore NEXT MONTH. What are the odds really? I hope this means too my cousins Zach, Alex and Nathan will come to visit sometime soon!
  • 8 more weeks to go. 28 in-the-office work days. To be precise. 
  • Dean and Deluca opened a few blocks away from my house! I'm going to check it for my weekend morning cup right. now!

Happy weekend!


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  2. Love your blog Lauren! I remember those sleepless nights! This is God's way of getting you ready to be up all night with the baby :) I'm still wondering how it will feel to get more than 4 hours of sleep in a row...haha Hang in there, your sweet little boy will be here before you know it!! Let me know if you have any questions :)

  3. Made my day to log on and ready the high/lows! Can't wait to see you and meet baby boy!!!!