Saturday, June 9, 2012

Let me eat cake!

I must tell you about the cake I made the other day. I just  had a piece for breakfast. And also noticed some fork marks where it looks like Bradford enjoyed it last night too.

Like most any of my limited cooking and crafting endeavors lately the cake was inspired by Pinterest. Until I put the icing on it, it could have actually been considered to go on the healthy dessert board (if I had such a thing).

Take one cake mix. I used Duncan Hines Chocolate Fudge.
Combine with 1 cup of plain Greek Yogurt and 1 cup water and stir. It will be very airy/light looking.
Cook according to directions.

For the icing, I looked up a buttercream recipe, but because I was missing a few ingredients, I kindof improvised. With lovely results.

2 sticks of butter
A couple cups of powdered sugar (I really have no idea how much!)
Two heaping spoonfuls of Nutella.
Put into my Kitchen Aid and left spinning until smooth.

Most delicious cake I've ever made I think!

As far as the weekend so far, it has been a quick one. Yesterday (Saturday), I had a team building event with my baby interns. The first annual 'Summer Intern Amazing Race' was a success.  Being outside 8am-2pm wiped me out though and I slept most of yesterday afternoon.

Now, today is Sunday which means two fun things for the day.

1. My friend Zina gave me a cupcake making class for my birthday and we are going this afternoon. Woohoo!
2. Since Brad will be gone next weekend for Father's Day (He's going to the US again for 2 weeks of training. Boohoo!), I made a reservation at the Tanjong Beach Club for him and 5 guy friends here starting at 1 today, complete with a bottle of Patron. I had told him originally that we had a baby CPR class this afternoon but really he'll be enjoying some day drinking (which has been happening rarely these days) with the boys.  Sunday Funday indeed!

Ok, time to go Amazon-ing to order baby stuff for Brad to tote back from the US next week :) Happy Saturday evening to you!

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  1. The cake sounds delish and the beach day was a very nice thought. I'm sure Brad loved it. YOu still make me giggle when I read your blog.