Friday, June 1, 2012


>>Post-publish edit. This ends well. Sorry Mom<<

Happy Saturday morning. I know it was for Brad.  So this morning I woke up for my normal 4am snack of a peanut butter sandwich and a glass of milk. The ritual after is that I get back in bed and Baby Boy kicks me like crazy so I get to fall asleep around 5. This morning though, he seemed to be snoozing and unbothered by my morning grazing. I told myself that I was lucky he was sleeping so I could sleep, and went back to bed. 7am I wake up again and roll over and wait for him to do some stretching. Nada. So I roll to the other side. Nada. So I get up and drink a glass of water and skip around the family room. Nada. Get back into bed. Nada. Wake Brad up and he assures me he's fine and Baby Boy is sleeping. After a little while of me tossing and turning, he becomes a little bit paranoid himself and starts jiggling my belly (the one and only time such thing is acceptable) asking him to wake up for a minute. Nada. So it's then 8:30am and I'm freaking out, citing page 162, paragraph 3, line 2 of 'What to Expect' about if you haven't felt 6 kicks in one hour you should call your doctor.

So.  I call the doctor who happens to be on leave and the nurse says to go to Labor and Delivery and get a check 'for my peace of mind'. Normally, Sane Lauren would take every measure not to come across as Crazy Lauren, but instead I throw on a headband and shorts and we head to the hospital. Get up to Labor and Delivery and they strap me to some monitors. Holding breath...and there's the heartbeat. Good. And cue the.... Kick. Thanks Baby Boy. 

One hour more of monitoring later plus a handful of kicks, a follow up appointment with my dr's backup at which he confirms everything is absolutely fine, pay the bill...and now it's time for brunch.

Paranoid Pregnant Hypochondriac moment. Check.


  1. Oh Lauren! I did the same thing!! I thought my craziness would go away once Graham was born, but it has increased. I watch this kid breathe at night to make sure he is okay. My pediatrician and I have now become personal friends! I went to the doctor last month because I thought I had some firm of cancer. (I don't, of course!) I think you are an official mother!! It comes with the territory. :)

    Miss you guys!

    Casey Monteleone

    1. Ahhh, that does make me feel a bit better :) So good to hear from you and I hope all as well. Saw the new pics of Graham today on Instagram. I can't believe how big he is getting. So so cute and looks like you guys are having a lot of fun together. Miss you bunches! Hi to Jason too!