Thursday, May 17, 2012

26 Weeks (almost)

When I get into update mode, I seem to update every medium of communication available to me. How annoying, right? Facebook. Instagram. WhatsApp. Blog. Who have I become?! And no, it hasn't passed my attention that everything I post now is baby-related. One day it won't be and I will share my other interests and activities with you. Today is not that day.

So just a quick baby quip. Tonight I was walking to my car and a mom pushing a double stroller approached me. In the stroller was a 2 year old and her maybe 2 month old baby brother. My word-for-word first thought? "I'm gonna to get one of those soon." I literally stopped in my tracks. Really, Lauren? I wasn't referring to the stroller or the diaper bag, but the BABY. Sometimes it feels so real, like he's already a living, breathing part of my life and I may as well be holding him and looking into his sweet face, and other times I do something like... call him 'one of those'.  Eesh!

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