Monday, April 23, 2012

Aussie Trip in iPhone Photos

Sydney. Night 1.

We took a video so Baby D can see himself there one day. You only get the still shot.

Sydney Harbour Bridge.

On the ferry to Manly. Gorg.

At The Winery drinking a virgin mojito. It's almost not right.

Largest prawn in Oz.

Byron on Byron at Byron. You should stay there.

Good morning.

The cutest WhatsApp I've ever received.

"Time me," he said.

I don't think just the growing baby caused the weight gain this week.
Byron Bay Lighthouse view. You can't see them but there are about 20 dolphin in the water too.

Fun fact of the day.

So for the past year or so, I have been reading this wonderful blog that I randomly stumbled upon ( Well, wouldn't you believe it that while walking around a cute little suburb of Brisbane, I look up to see the actual store of the woman who writes the blog. What ARE the chances? Seriously. And they were doing  a wallpaper photo shoot.  I can't wait to see show up on the site sometime soon.

And you thought your Catholic school uniform was bad.


Please pardon the fact that I'm wearing the same black leggings in every. single. picture. from the trip.

I love this one.

There was a baby in the pouch. Cuteness overload.

South Bank in Brisbane.

Australia got 10 bonus points when I found every gas station.

New cover up. New big belly.

Bondi Beach.

I figured that souvenirs for Baby D in are best in the form of clothes.

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