Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Good morning!

Just a quick post to let you see the latest and greatest mug of our little peanut! I went for a checkup yesterday and was very happy to find out that all is looking good and Baby D is actually measuring 4 days ahead of schedule! Love that! The doctor said he is growing 'beautifully'.

This week's big development is that the soft cartilage tissue is turning into bone. As Becker astutely pointed out in pic below, his spine in particular is looking particularly strong and bone-like :) Another REALLY  fun development is that I think I've started to feel him move around in there! Actually, I'm pretty sure of it now. It feels like little butterflies or bubbles. Hard to describe but pretty much the coolest thing I have ever felt. Now I find myself humming (I won't torture him with my singing) and talking to him too. Brad too says good morning and goodnight. I read that he can hear our voices now so this is especially good timing!

Ok, time to work :) Counting down the hours until my mom gets here!!


  1. He is getting so big!! I love the photo!! I was just wondering if you had felt him move yet! That is so exciting! :))

  2. I'm here and loving it. So nice to see Lauren and Brad in there element. I no longer have to imagine the city, surroundings , and their world.