Thursday, March 22, 2012

Good day!

Well there are a lot of those now. Once I got past 16 weeks, it turned to smooth sailing (knock on wood). I don't wake up 5 times a night, I go to sleep at least past 10 every night, no more sickness and I generally have more energy. Perhaps all I needed was a trip home to Tampa for a pick me up :)

Aside from the hellacious flight getting there (but with a silver lining of getting to spend a night in Denver with Jon and Amanda), it was a picture perfect week.  The weather was cool and gorgeous, I got to hang out with my mom, dad, and Becker, shop for cute BOY clothes, see dear friends and family, and stock up on maternityware. Baby Donaldson was spoiled silly at a his baby shower hosted by my lovely Aunt Jenny and Angie Ammon. I would post pics, but my mom is holding them hostage on her phone (or she is traveling and hasn't had a chance to send). There were were pacifier cupcakes, a diaper cake, amazing chicken salad, and a decorate-a-onesie station.  I loved every second! Oh AND thanks to Dr. Jim, my parents and Lindsey were able to see Baby D on a live sonagram. It was the first time I got to see him in 4D too. So amazing!

I also picked up the stroller, which I was at first horrified to see was delivered in two, humongous and heavy boxes. I contemplated assembling it and walking it through the airport baby-less and checking it gateside to save the excess baggage fee, but I was pleasantly surprised that when I checked in at the counter, the gate agent didn't bat an eye (or levy the $200 fee) because I told her it was a stroller in the box! How 'bout that for a fun pregnant perk?

Now that I'm back and settled in, I've made myself busy organizing and reorganizing the baby clothes and planning for my mom and Lynette's trip to Singapore the first week of April!  We are going to be taking a side trip over Easter to Vietnam and I am pumped! It will be a quick 4 day trip, so we plan to go to Hanoi and then Halong Bay for an overnight cruise. Unfortunately, Bradford won't be able to come because of close, but he is looking at planning a trip for the first week of May for us to go to Australia! We are thinking about starting in Sydney and then driving to Brisbane. Then in July, I booked a quick weekend trip HERE. We're definitely trying to get as much travel possible in before the summer :) 

Thank you again to everyone who made our trip home to Tampa so special. Loved it and love all of you!
Seriously. So cute. Thank you Kerri!

Cupcakes from Erin! I <3 eating for two.

Self explanatory I think.

My 1st baby.

And his stand-in until we move back home.

Hello pretty boy.

Sailing hat from Nana, sailor's outfit from Mom, and you can guess where the FSU gear came from :)

Cutest diaper bag ever for day. Thank you Lindsey!

.....And for night.  Baby D isn't the only one who is spoiled. Thank you hubby!

Outfit of the Day

Happy St. Patty's. I took the picture instead of taking the shot. You're welcome Baby.

Muxi approves of the stroller.

And happy 17 weeks to me!


  1. Congrats... almost halfway! Love your blog and your pictures "lil miss with a bump". Love you so much and miss you tons. So glad your Mom will get to see you soon!
    - Dad

  2. Wishing your "quick" trip in July was to New Mexico :(, but we'll celebrate when we see you next! Keep up the blogging!