Saturday, February 18, 2012

Only a few small updates but in an effort to get back on blogging track and update the blog more than once a month, I will share. I also just want to say a thousand 'thank yous' for your messages and texts and emails last week. I can't tell you how much fun it was sharing the news with everyone, and I never expected to hear from so many people! So fun!
  • I am going home to Tampa March 1-March 8 to visit!!!  I. Can't. Wait. I hope I'm sporting a more pronounced bump by then. My pants don't fit but I don't think my pudginess looks authentic yet.
  • My sweet tooth is back! Yahooooo! And it just so happened that the day it came back, I was at the grocery store and discovered a QUART-size of Ben and Jerry's Cherry Garcia. Not pint. But quart. So glorious. I also ate half a watermelon yesterday and a pineapple. What?
  • I've watched like 10 episodes of a 'A Baby Story' in the last two weeks in an effort to desensitize myself to the whole actually having the baby thing. Yeah, it hasn't helped. I'm usually balling and covering my eyes for the last 15 minutes of each episode. Today Brad saw one, and we both about passed out during the epidural part.
  • We are about to make our first big baby purchase via Amazon so I can pick it home in Tampa. While I realize I'm perhaps getting to the buying stage a bit quickly, the stroller is double the price in SG. I'm super excited (because it's super functional and the mocha/cream color combo is pretty) and so is Brad (because it looks so darn cool). I said 'super' twice in that sentence in reference to a baby stroller. Apologies. That thing in the left side of the picture is the carseat base. I was confused at first as well.
  • And probably the most exciting update....Brad and I decided at dinner last night that we want to find out the sex ahead of time!! :) :)
 Ok, well, must go prepare as we are having friends over for a BBQ this afternoon! Have a nice rest of your weekend!

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  1. Lauren, I've loved catching up on all of the happenings in your life via your blog! It's so exciting! I'm also super excited that you are finding out the sex of the baby (just seems like one more thing to get excited about that much earlier!) :) Hope you're doing well and feeling good! Take care!