Monday, February 13, 2012

I think the picture explains it all, but if there are any last doubts in your mind, I will confirm. WE'RE GOING TO HAVE A BABY! A happy Valentine's Day indeed! I have been counting down the days, hours and minutes to share the news, and I am so happy the 12th week is finally here! We are quite possibly the two happiest people on the planet right now and have never felt so, so blessed and thankful. I am due at the very end of August!

Here is the 10 week and 4 day ultrasound from our last appointment. At the same appointment, we were able to see and hear the little heartbeat and were even able to count 5 fingers on one of his or her little hands. So, so in love already. Doesn't he/she look so relaxed in there?

Here are some other tidbits and answers to questions I am sure to be asked (or maybe you wouldn't but I had fun coming up with them) :)

Are you going to find out girl or boy?
TBD. We can't decide at the moment. Today I'm leaning towards find out. Yesterday towards surprise. Brad does the same. Will keep you posted when we become more decisive!

Are you going to have the baby in Singapore?
Yes, we are planning on it. The hospitals and healthcare system here are great. Would you believe my hospital (Gleneagles) actually includes a limo ride home for mom, dad, and baby after delivery? True story.

Will the baby be a Singapore citizen?
Well, maybe. If it is a girl we can apply for dual citizenship. If it's a boy though, there is a required military service term when they turn 18. That will not be happening.

What date are you due?
August 30th as of now. I'm told it will be a moving target. Now, I will not be going this route voluntarily, but fun fact nonetheless- In Singapore, you can elect to have a C-section from the get go. You just sign up for your day, pack your bag the night before. Taa-dahh.

Does your doctor speak English?
Duh. Dr L.C. Foong is Chinese but studied in London so he has a delightful (and easy to understand) British accent. He is so so nice and patient and great. And he will be in town for the whole months of August and September.

Do you have any cravings?
Heck, yes. And not what I expected. I haven't touched ice cream in a couple months. I rarely have a taste for anything sweet. Pizza, pasta, salad, quesadillas, and hamburgers on the other hand, are a different story. I'm trying my best to eat healthy in between these 'snacks'. I really love fresh juice, greek yogurt, and dried fruit and nuts. I like to think they counterbalance. Well, except that day when Brad was out of town that I had Carl's Jr for lunch and dinner. Or that frozen pizza with a side of lasagna that night at 3 am (after sleeping the 5 hours prior). Oops.

Have you gained weight?
Haha. That's going to be a yes. 8 lbs. Holy goodness.

Do you look preggo?
Yes, but see above. I catch Brad checking out my growing midsection all the time. Depending on the hour, I may think it's cute or I may not talk to him for the next hour. Ahhh, hormones. I'm sorry Brad.

Have you had morning sickness?
Morning, noon, and night sickness weeks 8 and 9. It was really delightful. I am thankful though it only lasted those two weeks. Other than that, I do get nauseous but nothing that can't be fixed by a double cheeseburger.

Do you go to sleep early?
Usually around 9 every night. Poor Brad will be on a work call 3 hours after I've gone to sleep. At the beginning it was more like between 8 and 9.

Are you going to work up until your due?
Planning on it.  I think I would be looney tunes sitting at home. And I am eligible for 4 months of paid maternity leave plus whatever is left of my 26 days of vacation. Score.

When did you find out?
When we were home for Christmas! It was amazing because we were able to tell all of our immediate families in person!

How did you tell Brad?
Well, I found out at 3:30am (thanks jetlag!) while at my mother-in-laws house in MI. I really really didn't think the test was going to be positive. I had had all of these great ideas of how I was going to tell him (think Rebecca Donaldson-style. If you watched Full House, you know what I'm talking about). Instead I went into the bedroom, shook him awake, and asked him if he wanted an early Christmas present. "What time is it" he asked. "3:30" "No." "How about I just tell you what it is then?" Well, when I did, I can tell you he woke right up. Made me turn on the light so he could see the test himself. Needless to say we couldn't sleep much the rest of the night. We got to tell his mom in the morning at breakfast (after a 2nd positive test and right before we left) and then his dad and Karen the next evening at dinner.

How did you tell your family?
The whole Archerd famdamily was in the kitchen- all finally in one place- and I in my ever so suave way, blurted out "I'm pregnant!" right in the middle of dinner prep and did the SNL Superstar pose. I have no idea why. I was so excited/anxious, it just came out! My mom and dad screamed and my brother's had the cutest looks on their faces. Amanda yelled "I knew it!" I will never forget it :) I'm pretty sure my mom is going to move to Singapore any minute (which of course would be fine with me!). I miss them terribly!

Ok, well, there you have it! Will keep you updated with baby happenings on here going forward! Love to all of you honorary or official aunts, uncles, great aunts and uncles, grandmothers, and grandfathers to be! Love you!

Lauren (and Brad)


  1. I'm home on maternity leave right now and spend my days (while he is sleeping) browsing blogs and ran across yours so just wanted to say "congrats!" Also your cravings are exactly like mine were so my prediction is boy! :) I wanted McDonalds every day and somehow never wanted ice cream....which never happens!

    You are going to love motherhood! And Singapore sounds like a great place to have a baby, except the whole boy in the military thing! Best of luck!

    1. Thank you and congratulations to you! Parker is absolutely precious! And LOVED your preggo pictures on your blog. So, so cute. I may have to steal some ideas :)

  2. I am sitting here laughing and crying I am so so excited for you! I am dying to talk to you! I loved how you told your family! Sounds just like you. And I just can believe they kept it a secret all this time! Unbelievable. I am so happy my dream last week came true! I think a cute name for a girl is Jan! Love you lots!


    1. Wooohoo! I'm going to call you tonight if I can stay up (It's actually 14 hours difference to Chicago) but if I don't make it, we'll definitely talk sometime this weekend! I can't believe that about your dream. Nana told me about it when I told her. So crazy :)

  3. Yippee!!!! I stand by my fb message. Time to move next door to me to raise our little ones together!!

    1. :):) Fabulous idea. OR you could live in Singapore for a year or two?? The girls can learn Mandarin!

  4. Congratulations, so excited for you two! And I'm sorry if my text woke you up...I just can't get used to this time difference! Looking forward to meeting the newest edition to the Donaldson family :) xoxo

    1. Thank you, thank you Janina! And you didn't wake me up. I get up on my own a million and one times a night now anyways :) Miss you friend.