Sunday, January 8, 2012

Hi! Ok this will mostly be a picture blog entry but a couple random happenings before.

1. Today we went to the nursery to find some plants for our balcony that is slowly but surely coming together! I love it and for some wonderful reason we have just this week started getting the most wonderful cool(er) breeze that makes sitting outside just delightful. I've actually contemplated sleeping out there a number of times already. Did I mention that Singapore doesn't have mosquitos? Just lovely.

2. It has stopped raining every day and only rains every other!

3. I have gone on a cooking spree this week. Granted, a 'spree' doesn't mean much for someone who has cooked 3 times in the first 3 months of living here, but still. It's a start. For example, this morning we had scrambled eggs, sausage, and papaya-strawberry-plum-apple juiced juice (ok, not a lot of cooking I know). And then for lunch, Thai minced pork with chili and basil. Here is the recipe for that one, it's definitely a good and quick make. Don't hold me to the exact amounts for everything, because I make it up more or less. Tonight we are going out. Can't go crazy the first week and burn myself out ya know?

1 package of minced pork
some minced garlic
3-4 chili peppers (ours came from our new chili plant!)
about 1 tbsp of fish sauce
about 1 tbsp of oyster sauce
bean vermicelli
fresh basil

Rinse vermicelli and then place it in a new bowl of hot water from the tap. Set aside.

Add the garlic and chili peppers to a little bit of heated oil in a pan.
Stir it around until it smells good.
Add the pork and cook until not pink.
Add the sauces. Don't be alarmed that it smells a tad or a lot like fish. It goes away I promise.
Simmer for a minute and then add in the vermicelli.
Stir around until the vermicelli picks up the remaining sauce and fries a little bit.
Add fresh basil.
Use a knife to cut into portions within the pan. Vermicelli is tricky stuff to split up otherwise.
Ta-Daaa! Delish. And I would like to think fairly healthy no less.

Ok, time for the pictures!

Home for Christmas:


Me and LinseyLoo.


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Momma and Keith.

I was ready.

I told you I was going to put it on the blog.

The matching pajamas and tough guy poses continue.

New umbrella from BeckMan.

Doodlehead and Skipperdoodle.

Annual sitting in the wrapping paper picture.

Back in Singapore:

Doesn't it look like a futuristic fairytale?

Henderson Wave Bridge

Urban hiking at Mount Faber.

Nursery. Everything is so lush and green. And relatively cheap too!

Our balcony! My mom calls her new sun room at home her 'sanctuary'. This is mine.


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