Thursday, December 8, 2011

Well that is a first I think. Today I had an intern cry (audibly and had to break for her to catch her breath) in her year end evaluation with her manager and me. And, are you ready for this, they were tears OF JOY AND APPRECIATION OF THE PROGRAM. What? She actually said "I loved when I had to stay late because I got to learn more about wealth management business." I repeat, What? Overachiever of the Year Award (Or Best Actress?) for this girl. I am hopeful and scared that I will get to make her a full time offer next week. Either way, I'll come prepared with tissues.

Anyways. Tokyo was amazing. An even quicker trip than I anticipated when you take into account the travel time, but absolutely worth it nonetheless. For 4 reasons:
1. The Christmas-y weather.
2.  Meeting and going out to a local (think walk down dark alleyway) restaurant with new friends of friends of friends (yes, twice removed) who were really fun and also just happen to be moving to Singapore in January.
3. Drinking sake (one too many) out of pine boxes.
4. Eating the best meal of my life.

I don't think #1-3 need explaining but will elaborate on #4.  Brad's work colleague from Tokyo sent him a list of things to do while in Tokyo. We decided to go with the first restaurant suggestion that said 'nice, a little pricey but great quality'.  We showed up at the restaurant which low and behold was in a shopping mall.  We go up to the 5th (top) floor and take a glance at the menu and ask the hostess if there is room for 2. She looks surprised that we don't have a reservation and I think I see a double-take of my jeans.  Those should have been clues. We walk in and head to the bar. Think not quite as extravagant and smaller Bern's in Tampa. Lots of deep red, cushy couches, and wood paneling. We take a seat at the bar to wait and start doing the math of Yen to Dollars of the menu we just glimpsed and, and at that point start to realize that this may about to be the nicest meal either of us has ever had- with or without an expense account. At this point we crossed our fingers, cheers-ed and made our motto of the day, Go Big or Go Home. Best decision we've made in a long time.   All in all we spent about 4 hours there. The food was hibachi style and absolutely. absurdly. amazing.  Started with lump crab and crab bisque, followed by lobster tail and steak, then fried rice and miso soup made from the head of the lobster.  In true Japanese form the food was simple and fresh.  The steak we ordered was so marbled it was the lightest pink before it was cooked. And it melted in your mouth like butter. After dinner, and again reminiscent of Bern's, we were asked if we wanted to go the Dessert Room. Why, yes, I would. Chestnut cream cake and three other desserts that I can't remember (I blame the accompanying grappa), and we were two fat and happy people. At the end not only did they call us a cab, but the hostess walked us out of the restaurant, down the elevator and opened the door to the cab, and handed us each a beautifully wrapped sliver of layered pound cake for the road.  Oh how I loved Tokyo.

It doesn't matter what country you're in, 7eleven always has delicious looking food.
And it doesn't matter what Asian city you are in, people love to shop.

Hehe. He doesn't know I caught it on camera. Hope posting this doesn't mean he'll never do it again.

I may be smiling, but I'm not happy. That ice cream sandwich had red beans on it.

Shinjuku Gardens

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