Thursday, December 1, 2011

Quick post to update....

- Thanksgiving was a success! About midway through preparation when I was trying to figure out how to make corn syrup to make marshmallow fluff because neither could be found at the store, I was in tears and decided it was the worst idea I've ever had, but then I was very happily surprised that the turkey, stuffing, brie bites, bread spread, and and sweet potato cupcakes all turned out alright.  We were very lucky to share good food with good friends, and the party lasted from the afternoon to well past midnight :)

- We are off to Tokyo tomorrow morning! I can't wait for our first sub-adventure in Asia. The flight is 7 hours and I'm coming back Sunday night (sans Brad as he is working there Mon-Wed). So, quick trip. But I am so excited for cooler weather!

Now I must finish up screening Summer Intern resumes and do an 8pm call...and then I'm free!

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