Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Well, if I would have started this post 2 hours ago, it would have been a crabby one. But then. Something great happened...Cue the singing angels...I have a phone! Alleluia! Facetime-d with one brother (Jonathan first. I don't think Becker will be awake for a few hours), talked to my mom (we decided we were too ugly at these times of day for Facetime), downloaded the FB Instant Messenger thingamajiggy, discussed the greatness that is the first day of the month with Kerri. Ahh, so happy.

Leading up to this joyful evening was 12 hours of talking and smiling. I consider myself a fairly outgoing person. But Lordy be. I can only smile and be nice and peppy for so long. This new work style is something to get used to. Get to the office at 8. Chit chat with the 20 people that sit within 20 feet of me. Try to audibly whisper conversations into the phone because I'm just not used to having people listen to my work-y conversations. Try to locate various managers in seas of unnamed cubicles. Have meetings with said managers who do not necessarily reciprocate my optimism. Go to lunch with team at 4:30 pm(!). Attend insert one >networking, diversity, leadership, intern programming, marketing< event. Mingle. Small talk. Make a presentation to 50 students/Bank executives and pray to GOD they don't ask a clarifying question (because remember this is my 12th day of work). Have student asked me when I got the sunburn (when in actuality, it is the dreaded bright red blotchiness that takes over my top half when I'm nervous).  Mingle some more. Get headache from trying to decipher accents.  Then head out at 8:45pm and convince myself that I deserve a taxi ride home, only to end up waiting longer in the line for the taxi than it would have taken on the train.  Don't I sound like a bratty little Grinch!

But. That all said. I am more grateful for this wonderful life and the people in it than I have ever been. Especially my family that I miss and my husband that I adore. Amen and goodnight.

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  1. I love you bunches and miss you too. Love your blogs - feels like you are closer than you are. I,too, am thankful for your Iphone and the singing angels!