Saturday, November 12, 2011

Missing Monon, Juicing, and our Sea Shipment

Good morning!

The Monon Bell was yesterday, and I am sad to say I missed it. I did just look up the score though and it looks like it was a good one to miss. Those Little Giants got us good this year. 45-7.  That being said, I'm still jealous of all of my friends who got to hang out and also enjoy a GCB and cheese fries at Marvins. Ahh, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.

Speaking of eating, I'm on a new kick. But- knock on wood- I don't think it will just be a 'kick'. And don't want it to be. Last weekend I bought a juicer. I found it on sale at a department store and lugged it home. It was a breeze to set up, and I headed to the grocery to stock up on veggies and fruits. I was nervous to see the prices as things tend to be tres expensive here but was pleasantly surprised to find that healthy things are actually CHEAPER than in the US. Even before factoring in the exchange rate! S$21 for enough cucumbers, apples, pears, parsley, sweet potatoes, celery to cause some muscle strain walking home. Turns out juicing throws in a free workout too.

Juicing reminds me of one of my favorite pastimes. When I was younger- think 5th grade- one of my favorite things to do was to have my friend Kim come over and raid the pantry. We would combine any number of random ingredients and make something. I secretly hoped one invention would come out of the oven and be the next best thing since sliced bread, but usually the creation ended up tasting like sugary feet. Fast forward 15 or so years and I'm basically doing the same thing. But this time, they all turn out tasty. AND they're healthy. Imagine that!

There are countless recipes out there on the web that can help get you started, but I am just not very good at following them. Here is my creation from this morning.

2 green apples
2 green pears
15 or so red grapes
1 bunch of wheatgrass
1 bunch of parsley

Turn on juicer. Put above ingredients in juicer. Remember to put pitcher under juicer (oops). Finished! Enjoy.

*One side note that I think is worth mentioning. Cleaning the juicer is a royal pain in the arse. My suggestion is to do it immediately before any of the pulp dries in the machine. It does get easier and quicker each time you do it.  I promise.

Brad is off to America this morning for a week long leadership training course in Fairfield. I am jealous that he will see our friends but I too have some things to look forward to this week. Well a couple things.

1. I'm attending a black tie event for work on Wednesday night. I know it's work, but should still be fun.
2. Thursday OUR SEA SHIPMENT WILL BE DELIVERED! Yes. Yes. Yes. I cannot WAIT to put my house back together and refresh my puny wardrobe choices.
3. Elton John concert when Brad returns on Sunday.

Ok, time to tackle my to do list and may do a little laying out. XOXO


PS! Pics!

Pool day.

Muxi Manja is a love bug.

Pic from home. Skipper cannot be fooled. He will find the tennis ball wherever you hide it Mom.

We got our car! A little 2006 red Jetta. She is just the cutest. Driving it however is going to be something that requires laps around the parking garage to start. Sitting on the opposite side of the car  (and not to mention driving on the other side of the road) is just a bizarre/unnerving feeling! 

Dinner on Saturday before our 90 min couples massage (thanks SG Groupon!). This was a whole fish- scales, fins, bones and all- swimming in chopped chili goodness. Brad even loved it!

Rainy lazy Saturday afternoon. View from the balcony.


  1. Love the shout out Lauren =) Just stumbled across your blog today and, BAM, there I was! Looks like you're having quite the adventure over seas! Hopefully we can have a proper catch-up sometime. It's been waaaay too long...

    p.s. remember how your mom had to stock up on milk every time I came over?? hehe

  2. Hi Kim! So good to hear from you and happy you saw the shout out :) If I only had that pic of the birthday cake we made for my mom, I would have included it. I seem to remember pretzels, lemons and limes being the key ingredients. Are you going to be back in Australia anytime soon? We want to make a trip there!