Sunday, November 6, 2011

This weekend has really been fantastic. To recap:

New Area: Club Street
We were invited by Brad's coworker to join him and his wife for dinner and a movie after work. We headed over to Club Street, which is just past the downtown/financial district, and for this reason draws a lot of happy hour loving expats. The Screening Room was far neater than any movie theatre I have been to before. The building itself is a shophouse. The first floor is the  restaurant. I had the lamb with figs and Brad the kebab platter. Couscous and lamb sausages on the side. Delish. The second floor is a cozy little living room-sized movie room with comfy mismatched couches and big pillows. You are welcomed to order food in the movie as well, or just bring your wine from dinner as we did. On the third floor of this one stop shop is a rooftop bar. Intimate enough that you feel like you discovered a secret gem, but bustling enough to make you think for a second you might actually be back in NYC. We had such a good time with our new friends, listening about all of their crazy travel stories and taking note of places we need to add to our 'list'. Bungee jumping in New Zealand, driving a tuk-tuk in the pouring rain in Thailand...they have done so much! After dinner they headed home to their 2 year old and Brad and I meandered down the street, stopping at Indochine for a few nightcaps. A lovely evening and I can't wait to go back.

Morning: Ran to the grocery and bought this beautiful fruit for breakfast.

Area: Robertson Quay
Headed over to Robertson Quay in the late morning. The area is also where we previously met friends for brunch at Epicurious. This time Brad and I went to Brussel Sprouts Belgian Beer and Mussels. My mouth is watering just thinking about it. We sat outside and had a lovely lovely meal. Brad the fish and chips. The fish was heavily battered and a beautiful color. One entire page of the menu was 'flavors' for mussells and clams. I opted for two starter sizes of Tom Yam (coriander, galangal, lemongrass, lemon leaf, lobster consomm√©, prawns, tomato)  and Deviled (chili padi, coriander, curry, lime, tomato) which came with a never-ending bowl of fries. Absolutely delicious with an ice cold Stella, and I couldn't decide which one I liked more.

 After our lazy lunch, we rolled ourselves over to Ohmm, an outdoor rattan furniture shop. We had been to the shop a couple weekends before and had found what we wanted, and now after confirming that it would fit on our balcony, it was time to put Brad's negotiating powers to the test. As I played it cool (aka walked around and looked at other things so I wouldn't giggle), Brad sat with the saleswoman and typed numbers on a calculator. Back and forth they went. The woman threw in the pillow piping for free. Brad got the number down to where we wanted to be. Done and done. Our new L-shaped modular outdoor couch will be here when we get back from Christmas. Merry Christmas to us!

We then cheers-ed to our new furniture with a beer at Brewerkz. Palm to be exact- which we were really excited to find in Singapore.

Saturday evening
Took a quick catnap by the pool and then primped for the evenings festivities. Simultaneous Girls and Boys Nights. Ria, Zina and I headed to Level 33 at the Marina Bay Sands Financial Center for drinks and appetizers with a view. The scenery was fantastic, the drinks and food were very good but super pricey. I don't know if I'll ever get used to $25 martinis (that contain 1 measured shot mind you!). After Level 33, we headed over to Clarke Quay to bar hop. First stop was China One, which had an all you can drink for $30. Now you realize just what a deal that is here! A fog machine was involved but they played fun music. After that, we bounced around to a couple other bars, danced, and headed home at 3. Brad got home a few minutes after me, after watching college football with the guys and his first trip to the waterside club Avalon (right next to the floating Louis Vuitton store I mentioned earlier).

I knew I wouldn't last long without a pet. I miss Skipper too much, but I also know that taking care of a dog here would be crazy talk with all the work hours and travel we plan to do. I convinced Brad that we should cab to the local SPCA to just look at what kittens they had that day. We got there to find a very loud and crowded outdoor shelter with about 20 or so cats and kittens ready to adopt. You must realize first that cats here can be really not so good looking. I think this scared Brad a bit as he looked pretty hesitant. I went through the cages, holding each of the cats and waiting for a sign. There was a really cute black and white one without a tail that I particularly liked. Brad put his foot down though when he saw his lack of tail. "All cats need to have tails. It's only natural," were his words. Of course I wanted him to be happy with our new pet too, so I moved on to the next one. The very last cage contained a beautiful tabby kitten with colors of red and black and grey; white mittens and a white chest. Fell in love. Brad agreed she was his favorite. After paperwork and some negotiating (they wanted to see our lease that we didnt bring with us), we left with our pretty new kitty. Muxi Manja. 'Muxi' because it sounds like an Asian name to me and 'Manja' because it means 'affectionate' in Malay. When we got home, I took her out of the box and watched her walk around for the first time. I could not. stop. laughing. Could not believe our oversight. Remember Brad had wanted a cat with a tail? We had just adopted a cat with TWO tails. I kid you not. The end of his tail forks into two pieces. Explains why he had been at the shelter longer than the other kittens. Brad keeps promising her we will get her tail fixed. I can't stop laughing. She is absolutely so sweet and purrs non stop. I love her, and so does Brad. Two tails and all.

Sunday Night
New area: Holland Village
Took a 5 minute cab to Holland Village for dinner. Had the most delicious black pepper tuna salad with sprouts and wasabi dressing. And an equally delicious ice cream cone from The Daily Scoop on our way back. 'Salt' ice cream with fudge bits. Takes salty and sweet to a whole new level.

Which brings us to today. Monday. Which just happens to be a national holiday. What holiday, I don't know, but I do know I don't have to go to work and get to cuddle with Muxi all day.  Brad headed off to Shanghai this morning and then will be Dehli tomorrow night and back on a red eye Thursday morning.  Busy busy.  Phew. This has gotten long-winded. If you're still reading, you are a very good friend.  Wishing you an excellent week ahead!


  1. Sounds to me as if you are eating and drinking your way through Singapore. So adventuresome with your food choices too! Your "special" two-tailed kitty will fit right in with your "special dog" who has taken to jumping on me at every chance it gets and laying his head on my chest to be scratched. IT wouldn't be so bad if he didn't always have drool running out of his mouth and dirty paws from digging up my yard. Oh, what we learn to love! Keep enjoying all you are doing - gotta go now, Skipper had decided to pull up a few more plants along the garage and shake them down. Love you.

  2. This is Dad. A Cat With Two Tails? Who is more special? Muxi? Or you two goofballs who failed to notice what might have been obvious? By the way, Skipper is great no matter what any one else insinuates. Miss you guys. Love you, Dad

  3. sorry i missed u over halloween. i was too hung over after all the drinking to give u guys a call. looks like u guys are having a grand time in singapore. china one has a great band...tabula . next time u're there, say hi to the lead singer Kelvin :) he's a great guy, let him know i said hi :)