Monday, October 3, 2011

Usually I am slow to learn bus/train routes in a new city. Reason being that even after home/hotel map questing I get nervous and tell myself I'll just walk as it's good exercise. Lies.  Well.  Not here. Too freakin hot. I know three bus routes now and have all the nearby mrt stations down pat. 

In related news, it's really. freakin. hot. My hair down may be my Halloween costume this year. 

You people in the States (i can say that now as I've be here a week almost) take white meat for granted. I ordered a chicken sandwich from Burger King today and it was disgusting. Fries and coke and nacho whopper it is. 

When a man and woman are walking/shopping together, almost always the guy is carrying her purse. When in Rome...

Singaporeans are bringing back overalls. But a daisy duke version. 

I popped into the Good Shepard Catholic Cathedral today. Cathedrals here are not what they are well, anywhere else. No AC. Mold on the walls. I will say though that it was quite peaceful and I was surprised by the number of people there during a non-mass time.

I live in the Magical World of Singapore. Example: We took a train to Sentosa (singapore island just south of the main island) this weekend and upon arrival you q up for a tram that takes you along the beach. A. You're on a tram. B. There are little attractions set up along the beach. A bird watching park. A pirate adventure for kids (and me at gasparilla time next year). Indoor sky diving. Segway Eco tour. Trapeze lessons (which just happens to be on my bucket list). It's a little strange. A lotta fun. 

I found a laundry place that is called Wee Wee Laundry. What the what?

I'm going to try not to generalize here but well, I'm going to. Cabbies here are racist. One yesterday was telling Bradford about his trip to LA and he said that he and his family loved it but had to go back to their hotel rooms around 7 every night. When asked why, he said, "That's when all the negroes came out". His words not mine. Next cabby. We turn next to some city workers that happen to be Indian. Mind you the population here is about 10% Indian (and that's a fact. I just looked it up. You didn't know blog is educational!). And he starts going, "tikka tacca bokka duca laca" (or something to that effect) and bopping his head back and forth "I'm Indian!!". Lord have mercy. I wonder what they say about me when I get out of the cab. 

Sometimes museums aka Singapore Art Museum just decide it is free admission that day. Yeyeah! 

All for now. Off to the pool for my daily vitamin D. 


  1. Lauren I laughed out loud! I am so glad you're doing a blog!

  2. Please ignore "nurse anna." It called me that because of my nursing blog I guess??

  3. This is awesome and so funny!! Karla was here today and asking for you and Brad Pitt! :-)

  4. Ahhh, thank you both! You are too kind :) And Colleen- Tell Karla Brad Pitt says hello!