Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Spent the day at the zoo. Well part of the day. The first half was spent celebrating Christmas in October. Our air shipment came this morning! It was truly like opening presents.  Clothes, shoes, big-bottle toiletries, and the big present of the year… the computer! Now I can type on a real keyboard! Also means I have no excuse for spelling and tipos on here.  It looks pretty funny set up in our hotel room.

Good news: Again, lots of clothes.  And it seems I packed my tennis shoes in the ‘sea’ shipment. Guess I can’t workout for another 4 weeks. Too bad.

Bad news: No camera cord. Grrr. Will have to find one this weekend. I always hate when blogs have no pictures to gawk at.  I did take a few videos on my phone though...see below. Sorry for my voice. You should mute before you hit ‘play’.

So after the unwrapping, I decided to go to the zoo. It was the plan for yesterday but monsoon season turns out to be no joke and it rained all day. Even though told me it was going to take 79 minutes to get there by public transportation (vs. 20 in a cab), I was going to go that route because I need to not spend all my moola on cabs and it would be an adventure. Adventure is right. In the rain, 3 buses and 130 minutes later I made it. Darn right I took a cab home.

I love zoos. Lincoln Park being my favorite of course (I mean, it’s free and in LP!)  This is now my second favorite. Mostly because of all the monkeys. There must have been 15-20 different kinds living there in open/free-to-roam areas.  One kind with a white beard is actually native to Singapore. When we get a car, I’m going to drive around and look for them.

I know this is horrible, but I forget sometimes that everyone speaks English here. I hesitate to ask for directions, etc. because I think they won’t understand me. They do. But that being said, I’ve realized that it is better to under-pronunciate than over. Everyone seems to understand me be better that way.  Strange but true.  Upside: I’m going to have no problem getting home from the bars :)

View from Ku De Tah at the top of Marina Bay Sands

Floating Louis Vuitton store opening this month. Yes, please.

Sentosa beach (post-tram ride)

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  1. Great view and I can't wait to see it with my own eyes! Love your posts, write every day.

    Skipper and Chief say hi.

    Love, Dad