Monday, October 10, 2011

Say Hello to Our New Abode

Longest island I have ever seen!
I'm so cool and modern.
The couch goes.

The diamonds on the bed stay.

Shiny master closet.

There is an egg where the toilet should be.

Ahhh- Lovely patio and tree tops and loud music from Takishimaya Mall. Just warning you now- bring your earplugs.

Patio view the other way.




  1. YEA! You found it, decided and did it. Love it. For whatever reason I had a feeling this would be the place you chose. It looks like Brad with all the bells and whistles. Modern, but very cool, sophisticated and Singaporean fun. With your "touch" you'll make it "cozy & homey" in no time. Can't wait to see it, without the black leather and "diamonds". You are a witty girl. Love you.

  2. Congrats on finding your new home! Ditto your mama that you'll make it homey in no time :) Miss you

  3. well since it says 'unknown'....i should identify myself until i get that fixed! it's me, Lisa

  4. Beautiful!! Can't wait to see some pictures after you add your personal touches and make it home! :)

  5. nice place! where is it?

  6. Meng- sorry, just saw your comment. It's at the Grange Infinite right behind Takishimaya. When is your next trip?

  7. u're right smack downtown ;) . I am off to china this weekend, expect to swing by singapore on the 31st for a few days.