Sunday, October 16, 2011

Hi! Sorry for the radio silence!

First off, I want to say HAPPY day-belated ANNIVERSARY to my parents!  I could not be luckier to be their daughter, and I am thankful for them and their example every day. Love you!

Secondly, just a recap of the past couple days. Sorry, no crazy stories or realizations, but it was a fabulous weekend and I am more and more excited to live here for the next couple of years!

Friday- Brad and I went to a Mexican Restaurant at Dempsey Hill. We planned to have dinner and a margarita and then hit up a couple other restaurant bars there. Instead we had 4 (me) or 5 (him) margaritas each and our heads hit our pillows before midnight. Oopsies.

Saturday- 9:00-4:00  Cultural training.  Brad was struggling due to the 5th marg, I was a champ (of course I can say that because I'm the one writing this. He does not have editorial rights yet). The training was a 1:1 with a Singaporean teacher along with 90 minutes with a local guy in a similar position as Brad. Extremely enlightening. I'll leave it at that.  4:30-5:30 was spent at the pool resting up in preparation for Saturday night's big event. We met our new friend Will at a German pub for dinner, then met our even newer friends Ria and Connor at Alley Bar for a few drinks, and then it was time. Midnight.  The Michigan/Michigan State game. Connor as it turned out is a big Michigan fan, and I have to admit I was nervous for him and Brad to watch the game in the same room together.  Both behaved though, and I had to laugh at each of them complimenting the other's team throughout the game. Rick and Karen- I wore the shirt that you sent me proudly! Go Spartans.

Today- Woke up at noon. Oopsies again. Brunch with all of the above plus newest friends Zina and Suv in Robertson Quay. Then came home and started this post. Then met them all this evening to see The Change Up (oh dear Lord), and now we're back and it's time for me to pick out my First Day of Work outfit for tomorrow!

Hope you all have a great week!

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  1. So happy you are having fun and enjoying your new country! Thanks for the well wishes for our anniversary - of course those 29 years would not be 1/2 as much fun if you had not been there to share. We are truly blessed with such a great family. Love hearing about your adventures. Maybe you and Brad should consider taking a daily dose of milk thistle for your liver.