Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Day 2 of work complete! Some highlights. Most of them revolve around food and not work. That is because I have no idea what I'm doing yet.  But I like working. I know that much.
  • My team took me for Chinese food on my first day. Told me it was my ‘initiation’. My one request was no chicken feet. Thank you God they didn’t challenge me on that one. The fish skin I mentioned yesterday started the meal. Surprisingly enough, it wasn’t gag-inducing, although it looked that way. It was deep fried but the color was very fishy… black and silver. Eeeee. Tasted like chicken though. Kidding. More like a fishy chip. We also had various dim sum. Delish. And fried rice with a whole lot of I don’t know what kind of seafood in it. Double delish. Crispy chicken too. And my favorite part. Custard bao. It’s like a custard cupcake with ooey gooey sugary bright orange goodness on the inside. My favorite part of the meal for sure. Initiation wasn’t so bad. And now I’m part of the club.
  • Also. Free drinks (non-alcoholic. That would have made it too good to ever leave!) in the work break area. I mean, that’s better than any office I worked in in the USofA. Coffee, tea, cappuccino, hot chocolate, chocolate milk, fruit juice. I will never be thirsty.
  • This morning my Recruiting Coordinator (RC) asked me to go for coffee. He asked me what kind I wanted. I said I wanted to go wherever he usually goes for coffee. His response was, “Not Starbucks?” Up for anything. Then I got nervous of course. So glad I didn’t go the safe route though. Now I’ve found my true breakfast and mid-day pick me up love. “Kopi”. A mixture of strong black coffee and sweetened condensed milk. I am already anticipating my brothers' faces at Christmas. Similar to when I came home for Christmas freshman year of college.
  • Brad and I have commuted home from work together each evening. So, so nice to spend that 45 minutes of trains and walking with him. So, so lucky that we literally work next-door to each other and can have the occasional lunch (or mid work dinner) together. Life really did fall into place better than we could have hoped.
  • Less than 2 weeks until we move into our place.
Since it’s not always rainbows and butterflies…a few lowlights.
  • Forgot to pick up the laundry tonight, which means no clean socks for Brad tomorrow (!) and no workout clothes for me. I told him I’m a workingwoman now so laundry is back to being a dual responsibility. This is more his lowlight than mine.
  • I think a 10-hour+ work day is going to be pretty standard here. When I left at 6:30pm tonight, I was one of the first to leave. On the whole HR floor. Bummer.
Ok, so there aren’t too many lowlights. It’s pretty awesome here. Goodnight and good morning!

PS. Here are some pics I found online of the various food items.You can guess which one is which.

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  1. I'm not thinking either of those things look good. Scary food items. Youare brave! Love ya, Mom