Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Dad, Becker, Jon, Rick, and Kurt, you can skip this posting.

Ladies. Book your flights to Singapore pronto. I have discovered the. best. nail. place. ever. And surprise, surprise, it's located in a mall. VivoCity to be precise. A 3-minute walk from my office and on the way to the MRT home.

Take a look at this picture. See how shiny and un-chipped my nails are in the photo? If the tops are just a hint of orange, I apologize.  It's because I just polished off some Garrett's 'Chicago Mix' popcorn.  You can get everything here! Off topic. This manicure is not gel or shellac... or glue. Just Singaporean nail polish with base and top coat. And it is 11 days old and counting. There are probably FDA not-approved chemicals seeping into my cuticles. I don't care a bit.

See you soon.

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