Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Made it!

We're here!

A few highlights from the past 36 hours:

- through our travel haze, remembered to buy our alottment of duty free alcohol. Wet bar- started. 2 bottles of red wine, 2 3-packs of Heineken (yes, they sell 3-packs), 1 liter of Ruby Red Absolute, 1 liter Dewars. Should last us through the weekend.
- the hotel room has a cd player and one cd. That cd is Harry Connick - We are in Love. One of my all time favorites. Good sign? I think so.
- the hotel and room are both absolutely. gorgeous. I keep thinking we are going to be 'found out' and told we don't belong here or something. The next 30 days are going to be delightful. Pictures to come when we get our computer this weekend.
- planning where we will be going to dinner tonight when Brad gets home from his fist day of school work. Thinking Thai. Thai is 'safe' in my book.

Xoxo, gossip girl ;) that's for you Bradford


  1. So glad you made it there safely and that your motel is awesome! I've been thinking about you guys all through the night. Your blog spot is in my favorites! Will be checking it daily!
    Love you! Colleen

  2. Lol! Love your gossip girl signature. You are too funny. Enjoying your blog and happy that you guys are doing well.