Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wedding Week!

We are headed to Playa del Carmen tomorrow morning bright and early for Jonathan and Amanda's wedding extravaganza! Brad and I are so excited and honored to both be in the wedding and cannot wait to celebrate! This winter too has made a 6 day trip to the beach all the more sweet!!

I'm going to go ahead and admit something now that I am in the clear. I MAY have spent a good portion of today at the Passport Office in Norwalk, CT. I MAY have previously checked my passport for the expiration date, but I MAY have not taken the time to notice one important change to the info. MY LAST NAME. Oops. Those who know me are not shocked at all by this, yet I am still a bit embarrassed. We'll see if either of the two of my two blog readers are paying attention. If they are, I am looking forward to cringing anticipating their comments ;)

I also want to give recognition to my husband. Mr. Brad Donaldson. He has been known to travel for weeks at a time with only two pairs of boxers, one undershirt, one 'dress' button down and one 'casual' button down. He's lucky to get a change of socks in there. The reason for this I discovered is that he can then carry the. smallest. bag. possible.  I picture him now wheeling one of those little-kid-'going to grandmas'-primary color wheelies, but in truth, it is a very stylish Tumi 'weekender'. But not this trip. It's a big week. The big ol' blue is out of the basement and packed to the brim! I don't even have to sneak an extra pair of boxers in there when he's not looking!

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