Friday, February 18, 2011


Everything I think of as an 'intro' for a blog has been said, so I am just going to start as if I have been blogging for years. Granted, it may not look as pretty as said expert bloggers' blogs, but you know why.

Let's start with Skipper. In case you don't know, Skipper joined our family at the end of June this year. I had been waiting to get a puppy for as long as I can remember, but timing was never quite right. School, moving, traveling, and small apartments have gotten in the way. One would still argue that moving and traveling are still obstacles to an easy puppy upbringing, but Brad- being the rockstar husband that he is- gave me a puppy 'coupon' for my birthday.  Skipper has brought Brad and me so much happiness in the 8 months that we have had him. We have met our wonderful neighbors. He forces me to get outside, away from desk, for walks 3 times a day. He gave us a reason to explore the dog park nearby and meet new 'park friends' that are more than willing to discuss the 5 different kinds of harnesses available and the pros and cons of each. He is goofy, shaggy, always happy (except when his tennis ball is trapped under the couch) and he makes me smile!

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  1. What a cute blog - and puppy dog! HE looks so serene - but I think this is right after he ate most of my border grass and dug up my bushes! But I do love him - and you!